Justice Minister Bryan Kramer

Public Prosecutor Yet To Receive Letter

Mr Kaluwin explained that the process is such that the Ombudsman Commission investigates allegations against the leader’s misconduct based on complaints by the public. If sufficient evidence is found the matter is referred to the Public Prosecutor to assess and conduct its own investigations.

Kaluwin told Looppng this morning, “I have not received anything from the Ombudsman”.

At yesterday’s media conference, Minister Kramer described the 14 allegations levelled against him by the OC as “ridiculous”.

State Solicitor Tasked To Review Decision

The Boroko District Court this week dismissed the drug charges against Jamie Pang on the basis that Methamphetamine was not described as a ‘dangerous drug’ under the Dangerous Drug Act.

Minister Kramer said he received the brief on this matter this morning and that Pang was taken into custody at the Immigration Detention Centre for breaching the country’s Immigration Laws.

“My department has received a brief. He (Jamie Pang) was taken into custody for breaching our immigration laws.

Kwa: Kramer Sets Record In Justice Dept.

Attorney General Dr Eric Kwa, made these remarks during the launch of ‘The Attorney General’s Law Journal’ recently.

“We have checked the records and confirmed that this is the first time in the history of the department (that) we have had more submissions and decisions taken up to the Cabinet since Minister Kramer took office,” he said.

The following Bills were passed in Parliament this year under the leadership of Minister Kramer: