Media central to functioning democracy

Dr Watson was a former lecturer of Divine Word University’s Communication Arts (Journalism) Department. Her research interests include digital technology in the Pacific, mobile phones in PNG and strategic uses of information and communication technologies in development efforts.

Duma responds to EMTV saga

Minister Duma said the decision to recruit, train, terminate or discipline EMTV employees are within the jurisdiction of the EMTV executive management. He made these remarks following a question raised by Loop PNG on whether the decision to suspend Dimara was a directive of the current government. 

George Clooney asks media not to publish photos of his children

The star says such images put his two children in danger, particularly due to his wife's line of work.

Amal Clooney is a human rights lawyer who, the actor notes in his letter, puts terrorist groups on trial.

His comments were published by several trade magazines, including Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline.

The actor, who has starred in Gravity and Ocean's Eleven, said he and his wife are not on social media and are protective of their children's privacy.

UN, US call for free press in PNG

The United Nations and the United States say they stand with journalists and media professionals and condemn any effort to curb media freedom.

In a statement, the UN and US say free press has the power to transform societies and foster economic growth and build the confidence of investors.

“We all depend on it.

Sonny Bill Williams hits back over 'leeches' controversy

Earlier this month, Newstalk ZB presenter Heather du Plessis-Allan told her listeners it was not worth the expense of sending the PM to the Pacific Islands Forum in Nauru.

"The Pacific Islands wants money from us," she said.

"The Pacific Islands don't matter. They are nothing but leeches on us."

Her comments were posted on social media, prompting lots of angry reactions and some abusive and offensive putdowns of the broadcaster herself.

Media training for locals in Talasea

This is to help them understand the role of media and how it can be used as a platform for communicating their stories and discussing important national issues.

The two-day workshop was held in Kimbe by the Media Development Initiative (MDI), covering basic news writing, setting up and participating in news interviews, social media literacy and understanding the power of media to shape public debate.

Media urged to verify stories

A disappointed Chief of Joint Operations, Colonel Ezekai Wenzel, outlined recent media reports about fighting up in the Western Highlands.

Colonel Wenzel outlined that the number of arrests and even the back story of the reports that were run were all blown of proportion.

He clarified reports of a massive arrest carried out in Laigam village in Tambul Nabilyer, of Western Highlands Province, were all taken out of context.

Media urged to ask hard questions

Vice President of the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, Richard Kassman, said this during the opening of the PNG Resources Sector media workshop on Thursday.

Kassman also called on the media to make reference to the constitution and remind everyone of their basic rights.

Speaking to industry communication specialists and mainstream media representatives, Kassman said the media plays an important role in these trying times, especially in the aftermath of the Mineral Resources Act (MRA) 1992 legislative changes.

PINA to focus on media schools

Nou says he will do this by addressing resource issues at the University level.

He made the comment while speaking as a panellist during a Media Freedom discussion at the University of Papua New Guinea today.

My Nou said there is no point in establishing Journalism school if current Journalism courses at UPNG and Divine Word University are struggling to maintain the current facilities.

Understanding print media

The purpose of the Media Education Seminar was to give students a critical understanding of the media and an ability to enable them to creatively use the media to spread positive stories.

To be good journalists, you have to know the elements of writing articles was the taken home message delivered to the students by Catholic Bishops Conference’s  Secretary for Communication, Fr Ambrose Pereira.

The basics of journalism, including the 5Ws and 1H rule (who, what, when, where, why and how) were taught and examples were used to portray the components of writing news articles.