Provincial Governments

Governors discuss ‘block grants’

During the 2nd Provincial Governors’ Conference in Lae, Morobe Province, governors discussed the lack of flexibility when it comes to budgetary allocation by the national government.

Minister for Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs and chairman of the governors’ conference, Soroi Eoe, drew attention to the need for “block grants” so provincial governments can deal with emergencies and shortfalls in their respective provinces, such as the critical shortage of medical drugs and consumables, instead of waiting for the national government.

LO’s stake in Ramu 2 await finalization

The State and Ramu 2 Hydro Developer, Shenzen Company Limited, are finalizing discussions with the launching expected in November.

Under the agreement the State along with the Provinces of Eastern Highlands and Morobe, and Landowners will own 30% while Shenzen Energy has a 70% stake.

Minister for State Owned Enterprises, William Duma, says discussions with landowners and the Province have already commenced and they are awaiting the commercial agreement to be finalized.

Judge: Whistle-blowers act needed

Justice Ipang made these remarks in court on Friday when sentencing Western Governor Ati Wobiro, former Western Provincial Administrator Dr Modowa Gumoi, and Fly Care Foundation Inc. boss Norman Carl May to 10 years in prison.

He said certain individuals in the Western Province were not happy with the MOA which was led to Fly Care Foundation Inc being the caretaker administrator of development projects in the province.