Alan Bird

Candidate: Somare gave me his blessing

“Mi sindaun na askim Sir Michael Somare, mi tokim em papa las minute, mi senism tingting na laik ron lo eleksen,” Alan Bird said.  (I sat with Sir Michael Somare and told him at the last minute that I have changed my mind; I am thinking of contesting in the elections.)

“Papa tupla eleksen mi salensim yu, mi laik sanap ken, yu ting wanem?” (Father, for two elections, I have challenged you and am thinking of standing again, what is your opinion?

​‘Bikpla pisin’ aims to prosper province

“My personal success in agriculture and tourism has left me eager to help fellow Papua New Guineans increase their earning capacity from agriculture through improved productivity, marketing and value adding opportunities,” Bird said.

The candidate, when mandated after the June polls, will have to deal with the sensitive issue of Frieda Mine.