PNG LNG Project

Kumul Petroleum Finance Extension

This was in response to Santos's advice to the ASX that it agreed to continue to deal exclusively with KPHL during the requested extension.

KPHL Managing Director, Wapu Sonk, expressed gratitude to Santos for the extension and for allowing them the opportunity to secure the additional project equity.

He stated that Kumul Petroleum is confident that they will be successful in financing the transaction with support from financiers and by working closely with Santos Limited.

ExxonMobil PNG staff efforts acknowledged

Now in its sixth year, the LCM Award Program celebrated these staff members who show outstanding contributions towards the Em Pasin bilong ExxonMobil long PNG or in English "The way we do things at ExxonMobil in PNG" culture.

ExxonMobil PNG Chairman and Managing Director, Peter Larden, congratulated all the recipients and acknowledged the entire EMPNG team's hard work during the year.

PNG LNG Project Delivers Record Revenues

Revenues delivered by the PNG LNG Project include PGK 7.1 billion flowing to Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited and an estimated PGK 4.5 billion in various taxes paid to the Internal Revenue Commission.

ExxonMobil PNG Managing Director, Peter Larden, stated in a recent report that the revenues and associated benefits from the PNG LNG Project provide the PNG government the opportunity to promote sustainable, long term economic development and are extremely proud of their performance in contributing to the PNG economy. 

K33.7m Paid To PNG-LNG Landowners

The total payment of K33.7m covers K19.7 million cash and K14 million in project component made through the Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC).
Prime Minister Marape said PDL 7 was one of a series of upstream PDLs that had been problematic with ongoing court cases that had affected landowner identification clan vetting, hence, benefits had been accruing in trust accounts since first LNG exports in 2014.

ExxonMobil Launches K2.5m Education Program

PNG LNG Pipeline Landowners to get Payments

Gas Resources PNGLNG Pipeline Limited (GR PNGLNGP) Board has approved a combined dividend and royalty payment to be paid to project area landowners from Segment 2 and 3 of the PNG LNG Pipeline License No.4 (PL4) area.

Segments 2 and covers the Benaria & Homo-Paua regions of Hela and consists of 174 benefitting clans.

There areas are part of the eight segment areas, which are PNG LNG project impacted area

MRDC will make payments at Benaria village in Komo-Magarima District, Hela Province.

EMPNG awards landowner company

In congratulating the Hela-based landowner company, ExxonMobil PNG (EMPNG) Limited’s national content manager, Sisa Kini, said: “We are proud of HGDC Energy Services’ achievement and success. Continued growth in the capacity and capability of local companies is central not only to EMPNG's success but also the economic development of Papua New Guinea.”

Since 2009, they have made workforce development a core business priority by initiating a variety of programs including:

Minister to provide detailed LO report

Hides landowners have been waiting for over 25 years for their royalties. NCDC Governor Powes Parkop made this point in Parliament yesterday (Nov 26) afternoon when asking the Petroleum Minister, Kerenga Kua, about the progress of the LNG Project.

“Mi been lawyer blo ol landowners involve lo PDL 1-4 back in 1994. And many of these landowners i no kisim royalty blo ol inap i kam now. Because yumi gim excuse olsem i no gat social mapping na second olsem ol landowners i kot. Mi laik askim: What is the status of all these royalties? Social mapping em completed or not?”

More need to benefit: PM

He expressed this sentiment during the 10-year celebration of partnership between three landowner companies and the PNG LNG project.

ExxonMobil PNG on August 8th hosted board and senior managers of the three landowner companies (lancos) of Hides Gas Development Company, Laba Holdings Ltd and Trans Wonderland Ltd at the PNG LNG plant site to celebrate a decade of partnership with the LNG project. Also at the celebration was fellow landowner and Prime Minister James Marape.  

Minister Pok announces 2019 LOBID

The LOBID exercise, which was formerly known as clan vetting, is an important prerequisite, for a Ministerial Determination under s.169A of the Oil and Gas Act.

Minister Pok said; “The main objective of the LOBID exercise is to conduct a review with the potential beneficiaries in Hides and across the PNG LNG Project footprint, all the information on Project Area Landowners that have been collected, collated and finalised. This needs to be done so that Ministerial Determination is fulfilled, before any release of legislated cash benefits.”