Ok Tedi Mining Ltd (OTML)

Tabubil locals commemorate Malaria day

World Malaria Day, is an annual event that is observed every year on the 25th of April as approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 2007.

The Commemoration of World Malaria Day was led by the Tabubil Hospital Public Health Team with the support of Ok Tedi Mining LTD (OTML) Health Services Team.

OTML lauded for top performance

Minister for State Owned Enterprises, William Duma congratulated the Managing Director & CEO of OTML, Kedi Ilimbit, his executive leadership team, the employees and contractors of OTML for an outstanding achievement of the highest monthly revenue in December 2023.

This comes after the company announced a record of K684 million in revenue generated during December 2023.

K5.3million endorsed for donga project

A dummy cheque in that amount was presented to Program Manager, Steve Hoap on Wednesday 16th August, 2023.

Representatives of OTML, Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) and presidents of the associations were present to witness the kind gesture.

OTDF CEO, Havini Vira, said, "This commitment reflects the women’s dedication to partner in growth, progress, and improved livelihoods for all."

He said this investment, with guaranteed returns, will generate profits that will support the women’s development activities beyond mine closure.

OTDF maintain cleanliness

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day “Beat Plastic Pollution”. The idea of the activities in Kiunga is to maintain clean and safe environment as a community development organization.

OTDF staff at field bases along the Fly River commemorated the day by planting trees. 

OTDF’s Safety Coordinator, Shane Tarue, said that observing the day raises awareness on the environment and the effects of human activities on nature and people.

OTML Recognizes Long-Service Employees

The long-service awards were given to individuals who have served in various roles at OTML, with the minimum tenure being 5 years and the maximum an impressive 40 years.

Each year, OTML acknowledges employees who have reached significant milestones in their service during the previous year. The company believes that these Long Service Awards play a crucial role in recognizing the loyalty and commitment demonstrated by its employees over the years.

Kedi Ilimbit appointed OTML CEO

Ilimbit was selected after a rigorous evaluation of candidates and an international search campaign. Previously, he worked at OTML from 1995 to 2004 and held various positions, starting as a graduate mechanical engineer.

After leaving OTML, he worked in senior and managerial positions at several mines in Australia. Ilimbit returned to OTML in 2015 and has since worked in Mine Maintenance, Processing, Asset Management, and Operations & Community Support, holding the position of Acting CEO currently.

Indonesian Ambassador Supandy visit’s Ok Tedi

Ambassador Supandy was accompanied by his delegation, including James Donald, Member for North Fly and Vice Minister for Mining and Border Development, as part of their tour of the Western Province.

During the visit, Ambassador Supandy was provided with an overview of the company's operations by the Acting Chief Executive Officer of OTML, Mark Thompson.

Member for North Fly Mr. James Donald highlighted the importance of strengthening bilateral ties between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, given that Western Province shares a sizable portion of the PNG-Indonesian border.

Law Enforcement Officers Empowered

Local security companies and Tabubil Police were part of the program organized by OTML in partnership with the Bomana Police College and United Nations Human Rights Office. The two-week training ended early this month.

Senior Sergeant Henry Aimano and Senior Sergeant Theresa Jacobs from the Bomana Police Training College and Josephine Mann, a Human Rights Analyst conducted the training.

The aim of the workshop is to equip security officers, counsellors, and police officers to deal with offenders, mainly juveniles.

OTML Repatriates Students

Caught in the middle of a cataclysmic event, the 34 students from Tabubil, Daru and Oksapmim, Telefomin were forced to take refuge at the Takubar Isolation Centre before being repatriated.

First-year Business Studies student, Hannah Hagoba described the experience as frightening as they were forced out of the school for their own safety.

“As we boarded the OTML Charter, I felt a sense of relief knowing we were okay now,’ she said.

A Jolly Homecoming After 30 Years Away

For hard-working man Olale Watigi, this was the moment he could only think of for the past three decades.

Watigi hails from the remote village of Suabi, in the Nomad LLG of Western Province.

What makes his story inspiring is that Watigi is a youth with special needs. He was born deaf with a speech impairment. However, this did not stop the then young man from pursuing a better life. As a teenager in the late 90’s, Watigi left his village and travelled to Kiunga Town on foot, in search of basic services.