OTML Recognizes Long-Service Employees

Ok Tedi Mining Ltd (OTML) has honored 257 of its employees for their dedicated service to the company.

The long-service awards were given to individuals who have served in various roles at OTML, with the minimum tenure being 5 years and the maximum an impressive 40 years.

Each year, OTML acknowledges employees who have reached significant milestones in their service during the previous year. The company believes that these Long Service Awards play a crucial role in recognizing the loyalty and commitment demonstrated by its employees over the years.

Speaking about the recognition program, the General Manager of People and Culture at OTML stated, "The Long Service Awards are an important part of Ok Tedi, as they allow us to honor our employees for their unwavering dedication and loyalty to the company. The extensive duration of their employment is a testament to their exceptional commitment, passion, and reliability in serving our organization and all our stakeholders."

OTML has a strong track record of fostering the growth and advancement of Papua New Guineans within its ranks, with over 98% of its workforce comprising national employees. The company actively encourages a corporate culture that aligns all employees with its core values and promotes a unified approach called "One Team, Wan Pasin" to achieve desired outcomes.

Among the recipients, ten employees were recognized for completing 20 years of service, 14 employees for 25 years, six employees for 30 years, and another six employees for 35 years of dedicated service. Remarkably, only one employee was honored for a remarkable 40 years of commitment.

Sylvester Gaso, currently serving as the Superintendent of Marketing Administration, stood out as the sole recipient of the 40 Year Service award. Mr. Gaso joined Bechtel-MKI for the Ok Tedi Construction Project in November 1982 when he was just 22 years old.

Initially working as an Assistant Cost Engineer in the Project Controls department overseeing various projects in Tabubil, Mr. Gaso attributes his milestone achievement to a balance between work, social life, and family. Expressing gratitude, he acknowledged his wife and children as his greatest supporters, emphasizing that their collective efforts enabled him to reach this remarkable 40-year milestone.

The recognition of long-service employees at OTML highlights the company's commitment to honoring and valuing its workforce. Through such initiatives, OTML continues to inspire employee loyalty, promote career growth, and foster a strong organizational culture built on dedication and support.

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