NCD Regional seat

Leave refused for Petition review

On June 15 the National Court dismissed the petition Kandiu filed, challenging Powes Parkop’s win as NCD Regional MP.

The petition was found to be incompetent, and that the grounds presented would not affect the result of the election regardless.

He filed an application in the Supreme Court, seeking leave to review that decision of June 15.

11 grounds seeking leave to review that decision were presented before Justice Oagile Key Dinake, who sat as a Singe Supreme Court judge.

Petitions over NCD Regional seat joined

The Election petition trial has been set for hearing for the whole month of June, commencing June 1, 2018.

The two petitions combined for hearing were filed by Michal Kandiu and Andy Bawa, on grounds of errors and omission against the Electoral Commission during the polling at different locations, counting and scrutiny process.

Bawa and Kandiu’s lawyers proposed the consolidation of the petitions which was allowed and ordered accordingly by the court.

NCD regional counting- after count 266

Candidates allege scrutineers excluded from counting

The 12 candidates who have filed a proceeding in the National Court on July 13, 2017 returned to court today.

Their lawyer, Paul Othas told the court that they are pursuing the case because there are allegations of polling officials and scrutineers being excluded from the counting process currently underway at the Rita Flynn courts.  

COUNTING: NCD regional progressive result – after count 193

Progressive results as of 11am this morning are as follows; 

COUNTING: NCD regional progressive results- after count 73

Count 74 will start shorty as the next group of counters make their way to sign in and take their seats tonight.

Progressive results as of 8pm tonight are as follows;

Powes Parkop is still in the lead with 7, 852 votes,  Andy Bawa is second placed with 3, 739 votes followed by Michael Kandiu on 3,548 votes.

Running in fourth place is Babani Ono Maraga with 1,467 votes followed by Mairi Gaigo Homosi at 1, 447 votes in fifth place.

Meantime, count 74 is now in motion and results will be posted at a later update.

Stay tuned to more updates on Loop PNG.

Election manager: Scrutineers must not control counting

Jimmy made this call following the issue with scrutineers last night, which delayed counting for four hours.

Scrutineers raised issues regarding the presiding officer not present at the counting venue.

Jimmy told Loop PNG that there were also other minor unnecessary issues raised by scrutineers during the counting process that wasted counting time.

He explained that by law, scrutineers are not allowed to touch ballot papers. By law, scrutineers who try to disturb the counting process can be removed from the venue.

I will not support PNC: Maxtone-Graham

A candidate for the NCD regional Seat, Maxtone-Graham, said he will not support PNC and the leadership of Parliamentary leader and Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, labeling the party as self-serving.

“You look at the debt, you look at all this chaos. No medicine in the hospitals, unemployment, the list is so long,” said Maxtone-Graham.

Maxtone-Graham was the former Health Minister in the O’Neill led coalition that ousted Sir Michael Somare in 2011.

Sodas, junk food will be taxed: Candidate

The plans are part of 31 policies which he announced today, which form the basis of his elections campaign for the NCD Regional Seat.

Graham said in Port Moresby today that his policies will promote a healthy lifestyle for Port Moresby as well as Papua New Guinea.

He said soda and junk food contain sugar and highly processed ingredients which contribute to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, as well as cancer currently plaguing the country.

NCD Regional seat to have interesting results

A number factors will play a critical and crucial role in who will be the eventual winner in this race.

The incumbent Governor Parkop has a head start with all the programs he has instituted during his tenure in the capital city.

However, the voting population would have increased over the past five years, not only in NCD but all around the country. Whether new voters have registered will be a major problem. The number of candidates increased by 11 from 27 in the 2012 election to 38 candidates, this will surely see a split of votes.