WNB Ballot Box Rumours Brushed Aside

Scrutineers of various candidates have been camping in front of the Kimbe Police Station where the ballot boxes are stored that were taken to the counting venue at the white house yesterday, 13th July.

However, Provincial Election Steering Committee Chairman, Robert Dau dismissed the scrutineers’ claims as just rumours.

​Candidates urged to send ‘decent’ scrutineers

Senior Sergeant Tepias Map said this today before counting for the Moresby North-East seat resumed.

Map told candidate John Kaupa and others this morning that scrutineers must be decent and must work alongside election officials; not disrupt the process.

He said there were many disruptions by scrutineers, which have delayed counting.

He also called for scrutineers not to verbally assault and intimidate counting officials and Electoral Commission staff.

Meanwhile, the candidates are expected to identify their scrutineers before they enter the counting venue.

Gamato appeals to scrutineers

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato appealed to the scrutineers to do their job properly and understand their role in the process.

Gamato explained that in some places, counting has been significantly delayed after scrutineers raised objections.

He highlighted that scrutineers must understand that under the organic law, they are allowed into the counting centres to scrutinise.

NCD Regional counting suspended indefinitely

Scrutineers refused to enter the counting venue this morning after an incident at the end of the night shift.

The issue started at 8am when two scrutineers were forcefully removed from the counting venue by security personnel.

The next shift of counting officials was told to vacate the counting venue at 2:30pm until further notice. This happened after candidates refused to allow their scrutineers enter the venue due to the dispute.

Election manager: Scrutineers must not control counting

Jimmy made this call following the issue with scrutineers last night, which delayed counting for four hours.

Scrutineers raised issues regarding the presiding officer not present at the counting venue.

Jimmy told Loop PNG that there were also other minor unnecessary issues raised by scrutineers during the counting process that wasted counting time.

He explained that by law, scrutineers are not allowed to touch ballot papers. By law, scrutineers who try to disturb the counting process can be removed from the venue.