NCD Regional seat nomination update

A traditional landowner of Motu-Koitabu today on Day 6 nominated for the NCD Regional seat.

Boio Brand Morata completed his nominations requirements in the presence of the NCD Election Manager and Returning Officer, Kila Ralia, witnessed by his family, fellow indigenous landowners and longtime settlers of National Capital District.

Morata’s nomination at 2pm today was preceded by the nomination of former Minister for Health and HIV and former member for Moresby Northwest, Michael Malabag, who nominated at 11am.  The nomination brings the total candidates nominated for NCD Regional seat to 22.

Ralia said the first day was full of activity with 15 candidates nominating among them the current Governor, Powes Parkop who was the first to nominate and three female candidates.   

With three more candidates nominating yesterday, the number increased to 20 and then with the additional two today it has now reached 22 total candidates.

According to the RO, they are not expecting more but they will just wait to the end of the day for any last ones to arrive.

He said in 2017 only 14 candidates nominated to go into the National General Elections but now there are a bit more than that.

Morata said he stands on behalf of the Motu-Koitabuans as well as those on the periphery of the city and those in the city settlements to sort out the land issues with the government for a better tomorrow for all.

He is 65-years-old and has experience in parliament procedures and politics, having worked in the office of the Clerk of Parliament for 23 years in the past. 

His son, Scott Morata is also running for the Central Provincial seat.

Meanwhile, the Returning Officer for NCD said the nominations would close at 4:00pm tomorrow, Thursday 26th, after which the candidates will be sorted and given their box numbers.

Then they (candidates) will officially go out to campaign.

He however advised the candidates to be mindful of traffic rules and not to jam traffic with too many loaded buses on the road at the same time.


Frieda Kana