Milne Bay

Kina Bank Opens Alotau Branch

Kina continues to provide financial inclusion partnership with MiBank and the establishment of this Co-Branded Branch concept is a reflection that both Banks are looking to serve the market.

The Alotau branch will fully open to customers tomorrow, July 4.

Executive General Manager Banking and Country Head, Lesiel Taviri said without such commitment to expanding services, people will continue to be disadvantaged through a lack of branch banking services and limited choices to manage their finances.

BSP Closes Padipadi Sub-Branch

BSP CEO, Robin Fleming said no staff were seriously injured despite being assaulted during the course of the incident that occurred around lunchtime. 

“This is the second such attack on BSP at Padipadi with the previous robbery in 2016, then in May of 2018 where an ATM was stolen at Hagita Estate and never recovered. The criminals also ransacked a BSP ATM at the Alotau International Hotel in 2019.

Everyday People: Eddie Allan

I’m a trainee ranger at the Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative (CICI) in Milne Bay Province.

I help marine turtles to nest here on the Conflict Islands.

The whole experience – from start to finish – is incredible. I have learnt how to handle turtles, how to tell different species apart and a turtle’s lifecycle.

I enjoy taking guests on the journey, answering all their questions and educating them on the importance of looking after turtles.

Everyday People PNG :Fiona Tom

After grade 10, Fiona stayed home for a year and in 2009 entered St. Therese Bolubolu Vocational Centre and completed two years of training.

Virgin Coconut Oil Production

Since 2019, the biannual WCD has only been celebrated in Alotau. This year's WCD theme was ‘Invest in Coconut to Save the World.’

The WCD celebrations attracted coconut growers from the four provincial districts like Alotau, Samarai Murua, Esa'ala and Kiriwina Good Enough.

According to one organizer, Milne Bay Division of Agriculture Livestock, Principal Advisor, Jonathan Kapoila, since the inaugural event, WCD celebrations in 2019 at Bubuletta, the coconut growers had improved their range of coconut products.

Video highlights climate crisis

On Ormot Island in the Morobe province, the islanders share the impacts of the shrinking islands due to the rise in sea level.

Ormat Islander Sipora Nargara said, “We are islanders. We live on fish and there is no fish where they wanted us to resettle. We are not used to life there.”

In Milne Bay, provincial disaster officer Steven Tobessa said the province has over 600 small islands and atolls. He anticipates locations for these islanders in the near future.

Cultural breakdown a factor in lawlessness: Leader

The Huhu LLG leader highlighted a lack of respect in today’s society.

When speaking of Milne Bay’s locally initiated event – the Huhu War Canoe Festival – coordinator Kaimuyoni Ila emphasised the importance of imparting cultural and traditional knowledge to the younger generation.

Ila believes this is the best way to keep youths firmly grounded in spite of Western influence.

‘Ghost’ island of Samarai

Today, the beautiful island of Samarai lies forgotten at the southern tip of the mainland.

White sandy beach and glistening, clear water will greet you as you approach Samarai, a forgotten electorate of Milne Bay that still boasts picturesque selfie spots and fantastic diving and snorkeling sites.

In the 1960s, Samarai was a busy administrative hub of Milne Bay with a port that greets vessels servicing the Tokyo, Shanghai and Brisbane routes.

Criminals better equipped: Commander

Provincial police commander, Peter Barkie, said this is the sad reality on ground.

Once synonymous with tourism, the beautiful island province of Milne Bay has been rocked with shootouts, arson, petty crimes and piracy; a nightmare for the majority of the laidback local populace.

With the new provincial police commander, Barkie, taking over the reins, his vision to restore the public’s trust in the force is hampered with a lack of logistics.

New Milne Bay PPC works on rebuilding image

The new Milne Bay Provincial Police Commander is pushing for a new-look, well-disciplined force if they are to tackle the tremendous challenge of law and order.

Peter Barkie took up the post in July and is working to restore command and control in a force that, in the past few years, has done more damage than the criminals in Alotau.

When speaking to this newsroom, PPC Barkie described the island province’s law and order situation as “out of control”.