Milne Bay

Providing a market for Samarai Murua fishermen

A special project will be launched soon in partnership with Wari-Surat Fishing Limited and will help bring the market closer to fishermen.

In his remarks at the release of the Fishing Vessel (FV) AGAROBE from Port Moresby today, Leonard pointed out the challenges his people continue to face as a maritime district.

“Fishing is our livelihood in the district, however, there is no market access to sell the fish to fishing companies for greater return for our catch,” Leonard said.

Dewala Bridge improves access

This newly opened bridge serves as a vital connection, bridging the gap between Alotau town, Gurney Airport, and the Gaidasu Village.

The completion of this infrastructure project has far-reaching implications for the region, enhancing connectivity and facilitating the smooth flow of goods and services.

The Dewala Bridge upgrade is a partnership project between Australia and Papua New Guinea, focusing on enhancing PNG's road infrastructure.

DIRD starts with Alotau

The four day consultation and awareness workshop was officially opened by Alotau MP, Ricky Moris, followed by keynote addresses from the Deputy Provincial Administrator - Governance, Sharon Mua. 

The lead government agency- Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) who holds a significant mandate, in overseeing, monitor and report on the GoPNG rural development intervention programs, in Service Improvement Program (SIP - PSIP & DSIP) and Constitutional Grants for the provinces and districts has developed this Digital Platform.

Milne Bay signs MOU to align road transport functions

Today (Wednesday 9th August), Milne Bay become the ninth province to seal the MOU with RTA.

The signing of the MoU builds partnership between the Milne Bay Provincial Government and the RTA to drive proper transport services in the province under regulated functions as per the MOU. 

This now gives more power to the province to run its own affairs in regards to addressing land transport services and issues. As outlined in the MoU, the Road Traffic Authority will delegate some functions to the provinces to empower them to perform. 

From dispatch clerk to senior account manager

“They say Tom could sell ice to Eskimos. Lucky for the Eskimos, he lives in PNG.”

These are the words of Remington Technology (RT) General Manager, Justin Kieseker, describing Tom Mugwasawa’s proficiency in sales.

Tom is Remington's longest-serving employee and a Senior Account Manager, with vast experience in a role he loves very much. He has been with Remington Technology since 1993, supporting the company and his customers through his knowledge, and talent in sales, contributing immensely to the growth of Remington over these many years of service.

Association calls for PM’s visit

This call comes after a weeklong Annual General Meeting at Bwagaoia Station on Misima Island, staged by the association. Its members are made up of women from islands and atolls from the Louisiade Local Level Government.

Association President Elizabeth Donald and Manageress of the Misima Guest House Violet Elvis, both made the call when addressing the women in the presence of Samarai Murua MP Isi Henry Leonard.

Shorter polling for Milne Bay

Milne Bay Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Superintendent Peter Barkie said the polling teams were assigned three security personnel each as polling security to assist the Electoral Commission to cover the four districts of Alotau, Esa’ala, Kiriwina-Goodenough and Samarai Murua, and the 16 Local Level Governments.

PPC Barkie said in the 2017 national general elections, there were 79 polling teams dispatched into the LLGS and it was a struggle to cover the country’s largest maritime province which has over 252,000 square kilometres of water.

Kina Bank Opens Alotau Branch

Kina continues to provide financial inclusion partnership with MiBank and the establishment of this Co-Branded Branch concept is a reflection that both Banks are looking to serve the market.

The Alotau branch will fully open to customers tomorrow, July 4.

Executive General Manager Banking and Country Head, Lesiel Taviri said without such commitment to expanding services, people will continue to be disadvantaged through a lack of branch banking services and limited choices to manage their finances.

BSP Closes Padipadi Sub-Branch

BSP CEO, Robin Fleming said no staff were seriously injured despite being assaulted during the course of the incident that occurred around lunchtime. 

“This is the second such attack on BSP at Padipadi with the previous robbery in 2016, then in May of 2018 where an ATM was stolen at Hagita Estate and never recovered. The criminals also ransacked a BSP ATM at the Alotau International Hotel in 2019.

Everyday People: Eddie Allan

I’m a trainee ranger at the Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative (CICI) in Milne Bay Province.

I help marine turtles to nest here on the Conflict Islands.

The whole experience – from start to finish – is incredible. I have learnt how to handle turtles, how to tell different species apart and a turtle’s lifecycle.

I enjoy taking guests on the journey, answering all their questions and educating them on the importance of looking after turtles.