Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

MOUs not binding: Garry

He said there are many instances of MOUs being signed all over the globe as nothing more than as a statement of intention.

He shared the sentiments following the signing of the Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture MOU signing.

After the signing of the WGJV MOU between the project developers and the state there have been numerous statements against the signing.

Garry said an MOU is simply an action plan signed by proponents of a project and should not be legally binding.

“For major projects as such, it's not very unusual.”

State to transfer more powers to ABG

A delegation led by Minister for Public Services, Sir Puka Temu, and Personnel Management Secretary, John Kali, will travel to ARoB to execute the MOU which is a requirement under the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

The MOU will see the decentralisation of National Government powers to the ARoB Government and include: human resource management; education, labour  and employment; agriculture and livestock; communication and information; community development, arts and culture; health; tourism; and environment and conservation.

Porgera CCI and SMEC to promote business development

The MoU also aims to provide alternate avenues of income generation for locals in Laigap-Porgera once the Porgera mine eventually shuts down.

Porgera CCI Chairman, Nickson Pakea,  said the MoU provide relevant training programs for local people to venture into small and medium business enterprises.

“It means that whoever is already in the field to start up a small or medium business enterprise, we will promote them, and whoever wants to venture into business, we will train them and make them become businessmen or women,” he said.