Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Tari Pori SMEs empowered

Funded by the Tari Pori District Development Authority (DDA), this initiative spans the next five years, commencing in 2024.

SME Capacity Building: Pacifund is committed to providing comprehensive capacity-building education for over 10,000 individuals, fostering skill development and entrepreneurship in the region.

Formalizing Businesses: The partnership aims to register informal businesses with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) and Internal Revenue Commission (IRC), ensuring legal recognition and compliance.

New transport firm to back resource sector

The signing was held on the margins of the 17th PNG Resources and Energy Investment Conference in Sydney on Tuesday, December 12th.

Steamships Limited’s Managing Director, Rupert Bray, and Isikeli Taureka, Chief Executive Officer of Laba Holdings, executed the MoU that will lead to the creation of a new joint-venture company, Hebamo Transport. Hebamo Transport will focus specifically on logistical support to the resource industry.

Agriculture and downstream processing partnership forged

Wilmar International Limitedis one of the world’s leading agriculture companies and the largest and most integrated leading agribusiness group in the Asia Pacific Region.

Maru described the MoU signing on December 2 as the “start of the agriculture transformation in Papua New Guinea”.

“This is the first time in our history that we are going into partnership with one of the world’s leading agriculture companies, in fact the largest and most integrated leading agribusiness group in the Asia Pacific Region.”

MoU enables DICT to ride on DataCo infrastructure

Both Minister for ICT, Timothy Masiu and Minister for State Enterprise, William Duma will collaborate through this MoU to ensure both entities operate with respective mandate, and achieve a digital government for the country.

Emphasizing the historic nature of the event, Minister Masiu described the MoU as the commencement of an exciting journey towards a brighter digital landscape.

“The MoU reflects a shared vision between DICT and PNG DataCo, recognizing their important roles in steering PNG towards a more advanced digital future,” Masiu stated.

MOU signed to import skilled TVET teachers

A trip was taken to the Philippines from September 24th to the 30th headed by Minister Jimmy Uguro, and comprised of the Secretary for Education, Dr. Uke Kombra and senior technical officers from the department. 

The purpose of the trip was to meet with the Office of Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) which is the TVET authority in Philippines, and also to sign an MOU with the Humanlink International Manpower Agency. 

Road transport functions transferred

The signing on Friday August 18 in Port Moresby, between the Road Traffic Authority (RTA) and the ABG is a milestone. AROB is the 10th province that have signed the MOU, this gives the region powers to operate and manage its own transport system and services. 

As outlined in the MoU, the Road Traffic Authority will delegate all the functions under the Road Traffic Act 2014, to the provinces to empower them to perform, generate revenue and at the same time improve road transport services.  

Milne Bay signs MOU to align road transport functions

Today (Wednesday 9th August), Milne Bay become the ninth province to seal the MOU with RTA.

The signing of the MoU builds partnership between the Milne Bay Provincial Government and the RTA to drive proper transport services in the province under regulated functions as per the MOU. 

This now gives more power to the province to run its own affairs in regards to addressing land transport services and issues. As outlined in the MoU, the Road Traffic Authority will delegate some functions to the provinces to empower them to perform. 

LDC sign MOU for legislature

LCD Chairman Martin Ginyaru and Managing Director Terry Koim signed the MoU with the consultants in Port Moresby today.

Mr Koim said the MoU is to empower the consultants to proceed with a nationwide consultation towards formulation of a legislature.

He said the LDC Board & management expects to have a draft policy ready for tabling in the November Parliament.

State and RD MoU signing

The primary aim of the MoU is to negotiate commercial terms for the State and RD Corporation to set up a Joint Venture company to initially fish and process all the catch in a new possible cannery within the PMIZ in Madang.

Minister for International Trade and Investment Richard Maru said this is a historical initiative of the Marape- Roso government to go into domestication of the fishing industry where for the first time, a large fishing company will fish the waters of PNG.

Prime Minister James Marape will officiate the MoU signing in Port Moresby today.

MOU signed for quality nursing training

This was signed between the East Sepik Provincial Health Authority and the Catholic Diocese of Wewak on July 11th 2023.

This significant partnership will see the placement of the university’s Nursing Students at the newly built Wewak Provincial Hospital and other health facilities managed by the East Sepik Provincial Health Authority (ESPHA) and the Catholic Health facilities run by the Catholic Diocese of Wewak (CDW).