PNG DataCo

MoU enables DICT to ride on DataCo infrastructure

Both Minister for ICT, Timothy Masiu and Minister for State Enterprise, William Duma will collaborate through this MoU to ensure both entities operate with respective mandate, and achieve a digital government for the country.

Emphasizing the historic nature of the event, Minister Masiu described the MoU as the commencement of an exciting journey towards a brighter digital landscape.

“The MoU reflects a shared vision between DICT and PNG DataCo, recognizing their important roles in steering PNG towards a more advanced digital future,” Masiu stated.

Collab propels Digital gov’t transformation

Both parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding towards that; to utilize individual mandates and expertise. The MOU was signed on day 2 of the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association Annual General Meeting and Business Expo, in Port Moresby.

Several key areas will be looked at including wholesale connectivity, the establishment of a Government Private Network, integration of Government Technology Stack Components and bolstering cybersecurity measures.

PNGNRI & DataCo collaborate in cybersecurity research

PNG NRI has started National Security and International Relations Research Program last year, headed by Dr Olubenga Ige, to do research into cybersecurity, as this is a looming issue.

In a meeting with DataCo Information and Communication Technology (ICT) General Manager (Cloud and Data Centre) David Mba and Dr Immanuel Jigo – a PNG born cybersecurity expert from the US who is also a consultant to DataCo; the two institutions are looking at signing a Memorandum of Understanding for this collaboration. 

Stagajah donate to Cheshire

The band had also held a gig to raise funds and donate it with three brand new acoustic guitars to the Cheshire disAbility Services.

At Cheshire, children with special needs respond well to the sound of music and these donations will provide the serenity and peace that comes with it.

Stagajah’s major sponsor PNG Dataco and its fans were instrumental in making the recent show a success in the purchase of tickets.

Kumul Cable Lands in New Ireland

The landing of the fiber optic services occurred on Friday 24th April in Kavieng.

The installation of the cable by PNG DataCo and partners was witnessed by New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan.

In a statement, PNG DataCo General Manager for Engineering Services, Tony Morisause, said the landing covers the entire province with distributions covering smaller islands and along the Buluminksy Highway to Namatanai.

He said PNG DataCo will work with New Ireland Provincial Government to ensure the province gets the full benefit of the infrastructure.

ICCC concerned with Telikom, DataCo deal

In a media statement, Commissioner and CEO, Paulus Ain, said the ICCC was worried that the arrangement may raise potential competition issues.

This follows a report in one of the local dailies that Telikom and PNG DataCo had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to make available domestic and international cable capacity to each other on their infrastructure under a normal commercial arrangement.