BSP Financial Group Limited

BSP commissions first agent on Manam

On Monday 10th July, 2023, BSP Commissioned its first Agent in Baliau Village on Manam Island located off the coast of Madang. BSP Madang Branch Manager, Mary Koi said accessing banking services involved travelling up to four hours to BSP Madang.

It is estimated at least a two-day round trip for customers to travel to Madang to access banking services.

BSP, tax compliant

The payment due in April 2023, was paid early on March 24, 2023.

IRC Commissioner General Sam Koim confirmed that the tax organization received this payment.

He said the tax payment was paid on the 45 per cent rate. He acknowledged that BSP is a tax compliant organization.

BSP to upgrade banking system

BSP Acting Group CEO, Ronesh Dayal says though a bit delayed, he assured this is a short delay of a few weeks compared to the earlier anticipated go-live date of late February 2023, but necessary to enable a smooth transition to the new Core Banking System.

The transition to the new Core Banking System is an integral part of the Group’s vision to be the leading financial services provider in its chosen markets, helping customers, staff, shareholders, and communities prosper.  

BSP SMEs undergo development training

BSP Financial Group Limited’s SME Retail in partnership with Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) facilitated the two-week pilot training for “Your Enterprise Scheme” through its network of Skilled Business Professionals. 

BSP Cash Agents Serving Communities

BSP Lae Top Town Branch recently commissioned Modu Trading as a BSP Cash Agent in Derim village, as a service that will save people a K100 roundtrip to Kabwum station, Morobe Province for banking transactions.

The people of Derim in Deyamos rural LLG, Kabwum District of Morobe Province would travel two hours on a PMV to the nearest BSP Sub-Branch at Kabwum station just to access basic banking services.

Sculpture Festival Educates

This has so far seen three weekends of classic displays of sculpture created from items that would have been discarded, trash.  

Team BSP was on site at the Park over the weekend (18th-19th June), assisting customers to open accounts, and coordinating various children’s activities. 

BSP’s Public Relations and Communications Manager, Lavinia Mul said, “From this activities we’ve got accounting opening, we’ve got kids bouncy castle where kids come to play, coloring competitions here kids get to color and then they redeem some prizes for themselves.”

Yampu Health Centre Supported

The BSP Wabag Branch recently delivered essential medical equipment to Yampu health centre, it is a big health centre run by the Catholic Mission administered by the Holy Spirit sisters and the help of SVD priests in Wabag.

The BSP Wabag Branch delivered a brand new Doppler modern Ultra Scanning machine, six new modernised mobile hospital beds with mattresses and a newly constructed waiting shelter to the Yampu health centre.

BSP Backs Trash to Treasure Festival

The festival emphasizes on creating sculptures made of waste tins, cans bottles, rubber and plastics.

 BSP Senior Relationship Manager, Raymond Logona, presented a cheque worth K40,000 to the Port Moresby Nature Park recently to reaffirm its support to the Trash to Treasure sculpture program.

He said BSP is pleased to support the Nature Park that, as it has set the benchmark in PNG for tourism, animal welfare, conservation, research and community nature based education.

BSP Closes Padipadi Sub-Branch

BSP CEO, Robin Fleming said no staff were seriously injured despite being assaulted during the course of the incident that occurred around lunchtime. 

“This is the second such attack on BSP at Padipadi with the previous robbery in 2016, then in May of 2018 where an ATM was stolen at Hagita Estate and never recovered. The criminals also ransacked a BSP ATM at the Alotau International Hotel in 2019.

BSP Gets Behind The PNG Hunters

Yesterday, 15th of March, BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming announced their K150,000 support to help the team continue their hunt for the top spots in this year’s Hostplus Cup and make PNG proud

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming and SP PNG Hunters Commercial Manager Alan Moramoro formalized the sponsorship deal in a joint media conference held at the NFS yesterday.

Fleming said BSP Financial Group said they are proud  to rally behind the SP PNG Hunters 2022 season in the Queensland Hotplus Cup with K150,000 sponsorship.