Remington Technology

From dispatch clerk to senior account manager

“They say Tom could sell ice to Eskimos. Lucky for the Eskimos, he lives in PNG.”

These are the words of Remington Technology (RT) General Manager, Justin Kieseker, describing Tom Mugwasawa’s proficiency in sales.

Tom is Remington's longest-serving employee and a Senior Account Manager, with vast experience in a role he loves very much. He has been with Remington Technology since 1993, supporting the company and his customers through his knowledge, and talent in sales, contributing immensely to the growth of Remington over these many years of service.

Techs Undergo Konica Minolta Training

Remington Technology leads the way in creating strong partnerships with local businesses, by guiding them through their technology journey.

RT understands the importance of proper training and so is committed to continuously training its people.

RT Service Technicians, right across the nation are currently undergoing a Konica Minolta training workshop, which commenced last week, starting with Technicians from their Madang, Lae and Goroka branches.