Dewala Bridge improves access

The recent inauguration of the Dewala Bridge in Alotau, Milne Bay Province, has improved access to essential services, markets, schools and businesses for the community at Dewala.

This newly opened bridge serves as a vital connection, bridging the gap between Alotau town, Gurney Airport, and the Gaidasu Village.

The completion of this infrastructure project has far-reaching implications for the region, enhancing connectivity and facilitating the smooth flow of goods and services.

The Dewala Bridge upgrade is a partnership project between Australia and Papua New Guinea, focusing on enhancing PNG's road infrastructure.

The Department of Works and Highways has joined forces with Australian authorities to improve the road network throughout the country.

Papua New Guinean contractor Global Construction won the contract in a competitive bidding process for the Long-Term Maintenance Contract (LTMC) for the Magi Highway, a contract that also encompassed the construction of the Dewala Bridge. 

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