Michael Marum

Kumul selection in progress

National Kumul coach Michael Marum this week revealed so far they  have a pool of 60 players under the radar who are pushing for selection.

With only a couple of months away from the proposed mid-year test match against the Fiji Bati tentatively set for June/July culminating in the Rugby League World Cup in October,LNG Kumuls Coach Michael Marum and national selectors have already identified a pool of  over 60 players currently playing in the NRL,ISC and Super League.

Mone improves

Marum said Mone defended better, only missing two tackles throughout the match.

“Small guy defending big boys on the edge, and takes a lot of effort to put those big guys down. Again they (Pride) had a lot of sets, their halves and hooker had the game in their hands, we were on the back foot all throughout the game,” Marum said.  

“Hopefully he backs up from last weekend. I’ll probably give him a 5 out of 10 for last weekend game. If he can get that up to a 6 or 7 it would be good enough for us.”

32 to resume SP Hunters training

SP Hunters coach Michael Marum said the 32 players will return to camp on Sunday in Port Moresby. “In consultation with the coaching staff, we are now trimming the squad to those players who can fill the positions and sustain a long season,” Marum said.

To those players that have been released, Marum said: “We have given them programs to continue training and have advised them on areas they need to improve on.

“We hope that they share what they have experienced in the Hunters program with their respective clubs and continue to improve and better their standards.”

PNG PMs XIII side named

To be known as the NGCB PM's XIII team, the squad includes three debutants among experienced hands from this year’s Pacific test and the 2017 World Cup teams.

The team was announced in Port Moresby this afternoon.

The team includes three new faces in Daniel Russel, Edene Gabi, and Justin Laybutt.

Notable exclusions from the Pacific Test Team from this year are Adex Wera, Junior Rau, Kurt Baptist, Luke Page, Richard Pandi, Rod Griffin, Thompson Teteh.

2019 SP Hunters camp

Coach Michael Marum says the camp will go on for 6 weeks, where it is scheduled to end on December 23rd.

The SP Hunters camp has 60 players at the moment.

Coach Michael Marum is not only looking at the championships and local competitions, but he is also scouting out talent in other sporting codes.

“I’ve just been watching a few touch footy and rugby and AFL,” he said.

“We are still trying to maintain three-quarters of our team from last season.”

Hunters’ win maintains their spot on ladder

Their dominant performance in their final home game was more than satisfying for Coach Michael Marum.

True to their word, the SP PNG Hunters made their last home game count in front of a record crowd of 12,000 people at the National Football Stadium.

It was 40-16 when the final whistle blew, with the team looking forward to taking on the Central Queensland Capras on Saturday, August 25th, at Browne Park.

Focused on final home game

The SP PNG Hunters are now on solid ground and focused on winning their final home game in front of their loved ones and supporters this Sunday.

When the team started training early this year, half of the Hunters squad was made up of newcomers.

It took a while for Coach Michael Marum to establish their strengths and weaknesses.

“By mid-season I knew which players were going to be left out and which players we were going to rely on,” stated Marum.

“We were just waiting on the right time to start winning those games.”

Marum defends Kumuls selection

He said this when questioned why no Digicel Cup players were not selected in the Kumuls Squad.

Marum said they are sticking with players from the NRL and Queensland and New South Wales Cup competitions given their level of competitiveness.

“We have a standard here, and we’ve won the Pacific Test two years in a row now so it will always be like that, and we can’t go down to that level.

“If you consider the level up there it is too tough. And I respect all the level there but at the moment our focus is on our best players,” said the coach.

Hunters’ line-up maintained for round 15

Michael Marum said at the press conference today that he’s only added Edene Gabbie and Paul Wawa to the extended 20-man bench.

The 20-man squad is:

  1. Adex WERA
  2. Junior RAU
  3. Thompson Teteh
  4. Willie Minoga
  5. Brendon GOTUNO
  6. Charlie SIMON
  7. Watson BOAS
  8. Enock MAKI
  9. Wartovo Puara Jnr                   -       Captain
  10. Stanton ALBERT
  11. Nixon PUT
  12. McKenzie YEI
  13. Rhadley BRAWA


One game at a time

After their third consecutive win yesterday, the Hunters have now moved into 9th place on 10 points with the top six now within reach.

Marum said the bye in round 9 was just what the Hunters needed after getting off to a rocky start to the season.

“We changed a lot of things we did wrong over the first seven weeks. I put some really strict rules in place and we went back to the drawing board.

“Most of the senior players that you see now leading the team were the ones that I pulled aside and spoke to them individually, and now they’re stepping up.