32 to resume SP Hunters training

Ten more players have been released, leaving 32 to resume pre-season training on January 7th, 2019.

SP Hunters coach Michael Marum said the 32 players will return to camp on Sunday in Port Moresby. “In consultation with the coaching staff, we are now trimming the squad to those players who can fill the positions and sustain a long season,” Marum said.

To those players that have been released, Marum said: “We have given them programs to continue training and have advised them on areas they need to improve on.

“We hope that they share what they have experienced in the Hunters program with their respective clubs and continue to improve and better their standards.”

The 32 man squad to resume training January 7th (in alphabetical order) are:

  1. Adex Wera
  2. Baundo Aba
  3. Bland Abavu
  4. Brendan Nima
  5. Butler Morris
  6. Charlie Simon
  7. Daniel Tapol
  8. Dilbert Isaac
  9. Enock Maki
  10. Epel Kapinias
  11. Gairo Kapana
  12. Ila Alu
  13. Jack Oii
  14. Jerry Teme
  15. Joe Frank
  16. Joe Joshua
  17. Jordan Pat
  18. Junior Rau
  19. Junior Rop
  20. Justin Yoka
  21. Kevin Appo
  22. McKenzie Yei
  23. Moses Meninga
  24. Nick Hasu
  25. Patrick Morea
  26. Rex Kaupa
  27. Sani Wabo
  28. Shane Haro
  29. Stanton Albert
  30. Wawa Paul
  31. William Mone
  32. Woods Kawage

The final squad of 25 or 26 for the 2019 ISC competition is expected to be named before the end of the month.

The 10 players released were:

  1. Benton Leme
  2. Emmanuel Waine
  3. Joshua Nani
  4. Isaac Patrick
  5. Moses Okopila
  6. Damien Herod
  7. Eddie Daffa
  8. Gilmo Paul
  9. Kitron Laka
  10. Leeroy Kamau

(Jordan Pat in training – Picture: PNGRFL)

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