Gazelle District

New vehicle for Raval students

Delivered on Friday, August 18th, the vehicle was a gift from the government and people of East New Britain Province. It was handed to the institution by Governor Michael Marum and a delegation.

The truck is among several others that have been delivered to schools around the province by the office of the Governor, on behalf of the ENB Provincial Government.

The school management said this vehicle will greatly assist the 700-plus students from the RVTC to travel to school from the main road, which is about a 3-kilometre walk through a dirt track.

ENB community conduct first aid training

The participants had a one-week long training last week at Vunga ward facilitated by the East New Britain PNG Red Cross Branch Coordinator Steven Kilalang and team.

Kilalang said CBHFA is a training that Red Cross PNG is undertaking throughout the country.

“There are two types of training one for business houses Commercial First Aid (CFA) usually ran for two days and the other type of first aid training is for the people in the community known as the Community Based Health and First Aid,” he said.

Tourism students applauded

General Manager of South Sea Horizons Australasia, Alan Manning, applauded the students’ enthusiasm, saying tourism is an undervalued resource in the province that can play a vital role in employment and economic growth, particularly in the Gazelle District.

“It is truly encouraging to witness students choosing to study tourism, as they hold the key to comprehending the industry and enhancing its future.”

Manning emphasised the exceptional opportunity that lies ahead in creating a thriving tourism industry within Gazelle district.

ENB looks at cruise tourism

Before COVID-19, cruise tourism employed 1.8 million people around the world and generated over $154 billion (K547 billion) to the global economy.

“I believe sustainable cruise tourism growth is an economic opportunity for our people and a moral obligation that our administration must fulfil,” Governor Marum said.

ENB Governor hails Gazelle’s vision

Governor Marum applauded the Fisheries and Mineral Resources Minister and Gazelle MP, Jelta Wong’s, vision, saying he recognises the economic opportunities and moral obligations that lie ahead.

“This is the way forward,” said Marum.

“The power of tourism can create opportunities and drive economic growth in the Gazelle district and complement other industries like agriculture. We are open to all markets and welcome visitors from India, Australia, China, Europe, the Middle East and the United States of America.

K1 mil to fix Lassul-Baining roads

This will be made possible for the North Baining area through a public-private partnership.

Gazelle MP, Jelta Wong, who is also National Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, in partnership with local landowner, Henry Saminga Jnr, invited KKC Veneer Limited to set up a multimillion-kina veneer mill at Kurindal.

Electrification promise for Karavia

This was made public by Gazelle MP Jelta Wong on Thursday, 9th March.

Wong, who is also National Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, made the announcement at the Star of Seas School ground during the double launch of a K250,000 double classroom for the school and the commissioning of the K2.1 million electricity supply.

The double classroom was funded by the Gazelle District Development Authority (GDDA), of which Minister Wong is the chairman.

The K2.1 million power supply was sourced by Minister Wong from Kumul Consolidated Holdings Limited.

ENB Governor meets with clan

Cultural tourism was discussed, including concerns over the performances outside their boundaries.

Many at the meeting voiced dissatisfaction over the fire dance performances being lured into the Kokopo and Rabaul town centres.

“As an elder, I am concerned that it is becoming normal for us to be called down to the town centres, lured by the power of the kina and cutting corners. What about our culture and spirits?

“They are up here in the bush,” said one clan elder.

“Just because the boats come or a big man comes to town doesn’t mean we should cut corners.”

New ambulance for Napapar Health Centre

Made possible through NGCB’s Community Benefit Fund (CBF) program, the ambulance was secured by Gazelle MP and National Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, Jelta Wong.

PNG NGCB’s CBF Manager, Alice Mamu Kaian, was in Kokopo at the Ela Motors yard to hand over the vehicle to the district.

Central Gazelle LLG President, Joe Endo, thanked the PNGNGCB for creating the CBF.

The ambulance is purposely for the Catholic Church run Napapar Health Centre, and will be handed over to the health centre on Friday, 24th February.

Gazelle district gets new vehicles

After 10 years, Gazelle district in East New Britain Province has finally received a new fleet of vehicles to replace the aging ones.

The much-needed exercise was conducted by the Gazelle District Development Authority, headed by MP and Fisheries Minister, Jelta Wong.

Early this week, the district received four new twin cab Ford Rangers from local car dealer, PNG Motors, at a cost of K602,946.20.

Apart from the newly purchased vehicles, the district is also awaiting another four new Hilux vehicles from Ela Motors.