Gazelle District

10 Eliminated In Gazelle Race

Eliminations began on Saturday afternoon and continues today.

The 10 candidates that have been eliminated from the race are (order of 1st elimination) Margaret Sova, Philip Siaguru, Beniljus Jawai, Darius Kalulu, Albert Tilimon, Patrick Vatenge, Benedict Killion, Richard Tapil, Jack Angra, Moses Joshua.

After the 10th exclusion on Moses Joshua, the progressive tally for the Gazelle Open Seat is:

Top 5

Takis Aid Post Opened

The level-two Takis Aid post was built at a cost of K70,000 funded by the Gazelle Development Authority and was opened yesterday. The health centre will serve communities in Panarapka, KKCL employees and plantation workers with their families.

The facility was constructed by a local company, Atlu Civil Construction and designed and supervised by technical officers of the Gazelle district administration.

Gazelle, Believe Global Install Community Hub

The Believe Community Hubs are designed to provide dedicated youth development programs, education training, health services and general community support in rural areas across the nation.

Each Hub will be equipped with high-tech A/V connection via internet for ease of global connectivity and program delivery.

The community hubs will help to build a sense of community, build better and more integrated services and contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of people in the Gazelle district.

Gazelle Projects Launched

Minister for Health and Member for Gazelle Jelta Wong was present in the district to officiate at the launching of vital infrastructures for the electorate.

The classroom will be built at King of Kings Primary School at Wairiki ward in Toma Vunadidir LLG and Rural Electrification project for Tinganagalip ward in Central Gazelle LLG. The 4 in 1 classroom is part of Gazelle District administration’s effort to improve education standards in the electorate.

Gazelle People Urged To Work The Land

He made the call at Kerevat this week when launching the Gazelle Agro Industrial Special Economic Zone (SEZ).
It is a project of the Gazelle District Development Authority (DDA) of MP and Health Minister, Jelta Wong, which will focus on its rich agriculture and tuna potential.

PM Marape said he had repeated that same message throughout the country that people must turn to agriculture, with the Government financially supporting that, through price support.

Marape Launches Gazelle SEZ project

Prime Minister James Marape said this at Kerevat in East New Britain Province when launching the Gazelle Agro Industrial Special Economic Zone (SEZ) on Monday.

The Gazelle Agro Industrial Special Economic Zone is a project of the Gazelle District Development Authority (DDA) that will focus on its rich agriculture and tuna potential.

The launched Gazelle Agro Industrial Special Economic Zone (SEZ), include a chicken farm which produces fresh eggs, for the people of East New Britain.

District Supports Education

This week, during the official opening of the new four-in-one classroom for Tudungan Primary School in Toma, Gazelle District, Dr Kombra was full of praise for the district in supporting education which was built at a cost of K500, 000 funded under the District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) funds.

Dr Kombra said the Education Department has many policies and the need for better classrooms for students and quality education from Grade 1 to 12 is one of them.

LLG Embraces Chili Project

Following the COVID-19 mass awareness that was carried out in May 2020 in the Livuan Reimber LLG, the chilli project was identified and established based on farmers’ interest and discretion by ward members.

Rural Development Officer, Theresa Kikil said some of the farmers owned big land mass to cater for both long and short terms crops, while for those that owned limited land mass, chilli was introduced to them to utilize their backyards.

Gazelle Implements COVID Strategies

Gazelle District Administrator, Hubert Wangun said the satellite markets were sanctioned by the Provincial Executive Council, recently with strict control and adherence to the Niupela Pasin protocols.

He said the satellite markets are funded under the COVID-19 funding and encouraged ward councilors, ward development committees and locals to take the lead in this.

Gazelle Supplies Day-Old Chicks

Member for Gazelle, Jelta Wong witnessed the presentation of the first batch of DOCs to farmers in the district this week.

He said the commercial chicken hatchery known as Gazelle Kakaruk is a subsidiary of the Gazelle Business Corporation Ltd established as an agricultural growth initiative for the expansion of available protein and SME opportunities to the people of Gazelle and ENB.

He said the aim of the project is to establish a Day-Old Chick operation to alleviate the supply pressures due to shortages and inconsistent supply of DOCs over previous years.