ENB looks at cruise tourism

East New Britain Governor, Michael Marum, believes in the potential of cruise tourism.

Before COVID-19, cruise tourism employed 1.8 million people around the world and generated over $154 billion (K547 billion) to the global economy.

“I believe sustainable cruise tourism growth is an economic opportunity for our people and a moral obligation that our administration must fulfil,” Governor Marum said.

He outlined that with the projected increase in cruise passenger volume in the Pacific and PNG, priority must be on sustainable practices, with the Governor encouraging the cruise ship industry to consider East New Britain and its unique food, culture and environment.

“I want our administration to continue to grow and nurture this area so our people will see the benefits of the cruise industry,” said Governor Marum.

“We cannot limit this to large cruises, but we must look at smaller vessels and the super yacht markets for growth areas too.”


Loop Author