East New Britain Governor

ENB governor calls for Tokua upgrade

The Governor said the upgrade will allow the Province to have direct international flights and increase its tourism exposure.

The Governor believes the upgrade would be a significant investment and will have an immediate impact on the economy.

He stated that direct international flights would be cheaper, making it conducive for increased tourist numbers.

“I am trying and I’m appealing to the National Government to hear my cry to have the Tokua Airport to an international airport.

“Tourism is one of the best industries anywhere in the world.

ENB Governor to meet with Sir Julius

Discussions have been on-going between the two regarding a benefits sharing agreement on the Nautillus sea-bed mine and how best the two provinces can push for autonomy.

Speaking on the sea-bed mine, Konga said this may be the final meeting on benefit sharing between the provinces and if all goes well, both provinces are set to benefit greatly from the mine.

“Benefits from the mine rightfully belongs to the people, so it is the prerogative of both provincial governments (ENBPG and NIPG) to ensure the benefits go down to the people,” said Governor Konga.

Dion files petition against Konga

Among them was the petition filed against East New Britain Governor, Nakikus Konga, by former governor, Sir Leo Dion.

Returning Officer Joap Voivoi was summoned on the request of Dion’s lawyer to appear in court for the trial. Other electoral officers will also be summoned soon.

Dion is alleging grounds of errors and omission during counting against the Electoral Commission.

He alleges that electoral officials who conducted counting were not appointed or gazetted as returning officers and assistant returning officers.