Late Sir Rabbie Namaliu

Sir Rabbie Lie in State

Members of Sir Rabbie’s family were joined by members of parliament, members of the diplomatic corp, and dignitaries to pay final respects.

Sir Rabbie’s final farewell journey began in his home province of East New Britain. He had been flown there for a final visit with family and his people.

His body returned to Port Moresby on Friday April 14.

On April 16, a National Hauskrai was set up at the Sir John Guise Stadium for the public to sit with the immediate family members, friends and colleagues of Late Sir Rabbie, and mourn his loss.

Sir Rabbie flown home one last time

The lounge was filled with dignitaries, family and close friends. They were escorting the late statesman’s body home one last time.

The emotional wait to bring the proud Papua New Guinean and Melanesian icon back home to Kenabot saw the likes of Sir Charles Lepani, Gazelle MP Jelta Wong, Dulciana Somare-Brash and Arthur Somare, Dame Meg Taylor, Board Chairman of National Fisheries Authority Laurie William, Alan Moramoro, Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt, Commissioner or Police David Manning and Deputy Prime Minister John Rosso.

ENBP prepares to receive Sir Rabbie

The country’s 4th Prime Minister and former Kokopo MP, Sir Rabbie Namaliu, passed away on March 31st as he was being medevacked from Tokua airport to Port Moresby, following liver failure.

A provincial committee has been set up to oversee repatriation and funeral programs for the late Sir Rabbie, with a tentative program in place to receive his body by this week.

ENB Governor, Michael Marum, said his office has been holding meetings with the family of the late Sir Rabbie since last Friday and they should finalise a program by this week.

Marum pays tribute to Late Sir Rabbie

ENB's prominent leader and PNG's fourth Prime Minister passed away on 31st March 2023.

“A great statesman and leader, Sir Rabbie served our people of Kokopo District, the people of East New Britain and our country, with passion and integrity, that will be dearly missed,” said Marum.

“Sir Rabbie is a national treasure and his death is a massive loss of wealth and knowledge not just to the people of Kokopo, East New Britain, but Papua New Guinea as a whole.

YWAM mourns passing of PNG Patron

In a statement released today, YWAM Ships Managing Director, Ken Mulligan said YWAM is in mourning following the sudden death of its Papua New Guinea Patron, Sir Rabbie.
Mulligan said in the 11 years he served as Patron of the YWAM Medical Ships program in PNG, Sir Rabbie provided invaluable support for the work of YWAM, encouraged expansion, including the recent introduction of the dental trailer program.

Governor General pays tribute

Grand Chief Sir Bob, has described him as “a man of honour and great dignity” and an outstanding leader who exemplified great passion for upholding the rule of law and the National Constitution.

Sir Rabbie passed away in his home province of East New Britain last Friday, 31st of March.

According to Sir Bob, late Sir Rabbie was one of the few Papua New Guineans who helped put together the public service policies and the National Constitution.

Sir J saddened by News of Late Sir Rabbie's passing

He was in Brisbane for medical check up when he received the news late yesterday afternoon.

He described Sir Rabbie as a one of a kind Papua New Guinean amongst other distinguished Tolai's of his time including Oscar Tammur Snr, Sir Paulias Matane, Sam Piniau, and the living giant Dr Alan Marat and Sir John Kaputin.

“He was a very cool, calm and collected leader, and naturally classed as a true gentleman by anyone who had the good fortune of meeting him,’ said Sir J.