Magi Highway

BSP Builds Fish Market

The sight of fresh fish is always pleasing to the eye and the people of Gaire can now align their catch in a beautiful display at their very own fish market.

This included a 2000ltr water tank installation and pump, solar kit for the market including a solar LED streetlight for the community in the hope to empower and boost the local economy.

The official opening of the Fish Market was on 27th of August, representatives from the BSP Financial Group initiated this momentous occasion.

Procurement and evaluation process for roads

He was responding to questions raised by the member for Abau, Dr. Puka Temu on the disappointing state of the Magi Highway.

Local member for Abau District, Dr. Puka Temu questioned Works Minister Michael Nali on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday regarding the deteriorating state of the Magi Highway.

The Abau MP asked the Minister to accompany him to his district to see first-hand the National highway that has been neglected for many years.

Central villages under water

 Roads have not been accessible for people in Kairuku, while some villages along the Magi highway, watched their houses being washed away.

Heavy rains have affected villages in Central province, with floods blocking off roads while food gardens and homes are submerged.

In Gaire village, people resorted to paddling on boats between houses after continuous rain saw a rise in the water level to above knee length.

Six houses were washed away in Gabagaba village, leaving families displacd. 

PM: Don’t make me stubborn over building infrastructure!

O’Neill made this statement today when officially opening the Sir Reuben Taureka Highway along the Six-Mile to Bautama turn-off in the Central Province.

He said his government has been criticised for building infrastructure in the nation’s capital lately.

However, he said those criticisms are mere talk to get political gain.

“Criticisms are sometimes very healthy when its constructive criticism and not unnecessary criticisms.

“When you do such criticisms that is not constructive, you are simply making me stubborn.

Magi Highway renamed to Sir Reuben Taureka Highway

O'Neill made the announcement when officially opening the 11.2 kilometre four lane highway today.

He said it is fitting to rename the highway and recognise the leaders who have helped in developing our country.

"It is important we name such infrastructure to appreciate the leader's contributions and it is my pleasure to officially rename this highway to Sir Reuben Taureka Highway."

Sir Reuben was one of Papua New Guinea’s first medical doctors.

Six-Mile to Bautama highway opened to motorists

The 11.2km stretch of the road cost K167m.

It was built by Hebou Construction Ltd. Hebou Construction General Manager Brett Young thanked Prime Minister and the government for funding the project and their visionary insight into the project.

The project was completed within 18 months within the budget with no additional variations.

The opening was also witnessed by NCD Governor Power Parkop, Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko, Moresby Northeast MP Labi Amaiu, Moresby Northwest MP Michael Malabag and other distinguished guests. 

Magi Highway upgrade to start in Milne Bay

The upgrade will be done on the 56km road from Alotau town to East Cape in Milne Bay, which is where the national highway ends.

The Magi Highway goes southeast from Port Moresby, turning inland and east just before Rigo, passing through Kwikila.

The road then runs across the Mai Kussa River at Bannon Bridge, where, within a few kilometres, the asphalt concrete gives way to a graded road which continues to Kupiano.

Police challenged to look into ‘drink driving’

The accident caused the deaths of two people and two others sustained serious injuries in what police say was an alcohol related accident along the Magi Highway in the Central Province.

Comments posted on Loop PNG website called for police to introduce the breath alcohol tester (BAC) along the highways and city streets.

"It's about time the Police Traffic introduce random BAC testing along our Highways and within city roads. It should be a zero tolerance approach. Drivers caught over this alcohol limits should be taken off the road and charged," one said.

Police yet to identify highway crash victims

However witnesses say they were from the Highlands including two other females who were admitted at the hospital and two men who were taken to the police station.

The male victim is a University Student whilst the woman is an employee of Pacific Corporate Security Services.

Meanwhile, the vehicle is believed to be owned by an Engan businessman.

Central police boss, Laimo Asi has reserved comments until he will be fully briefed today.

Two die in road accident in Central

Witnesses told LOOP PNG, the deceased, a male and a female were thrown off the back of the maroon land cruiser at different times when the driver lost control at a dangerous bend near Manugoro village, causing the car to slip and roll twice down a slope.

"The female was thrown in the first flip. She died instantly when her head hit a rock," witnesses said.

"The male was tossed onto the bitumen road in the second flip and died instantly."

There were six people in the car, three females and three males, all from the Highlands.