BSP Builds Fish Market

The BSP Financial Group through its Community Project initiative have built a fish market for the people of Gaire making it a mini economic hub for commuters traveling along the Magi Highway.

The sight of fresh fish is always pleasing to the eye and the people of Gaire can now align their catch in a beautiful display at their very own fish market.

This included a 2000ltr water tank installation and pump, solar kit for the market including a solar LED streetlight for the community in the hope to empower and boost the local economy.

The official opening of the Fish Market was on 27th of August, representatives from the BSP Financial Group initiated this momentous occasion.

Daniel Faunt, BSP Group General Manager for retail said that of the 52 community projects BSP has to deliver this year, the Fish Market is one of the 25 projects that the bank’s business units have completed so far.

He said BSP has seven core values and community is one they regard as important. While this is a small contribution to the Gaire community. Mr Faunt hopes they can create more businesses and strive to have a driven economy and to look after this gift.

Gaire Council for Change Elder, Kema Sere was grateful to BSP on behalf of his community, as this was a milestone and would benefit his people. 

Press Release