Central Provincial Administration

Church launches pre-independence celebrations

Parish chairman, Peter Simbakua congratulated the youth for successfully launching the pre-independence games for the chapels within the Parish from 9mile in NCD, to Vanapa Brown in the Central Province.

Simbakua told the youth and those present that in whatever they do, God is always watching over them, so they must not be discouraged from doing the right thing beyond the path they are on.

The gathering ran for 3 days and with it, youths experienced the spirit of togetherness, unity and love.

Central villages under water

 Roads have not been accessible for people in Kairuku, while some villages along the Magi highway, watched their houses being washed away.

Heavy rains have affected villages in Central province, with floods blocking off roads while food gardens and homes are submerged.

In Gaire village, people resorted to paddling on boats between houses after continuous rain saw a rise in the water level to above knee length.

Six houses were washed away in Gabagaba village, leaving families displacd. 

Central women urged to work together

The call was made during the first annual general meeting of the Central Provincial Council of Women in the recent past at the national department of Community Development conference room in Waigani.

Deputy Provincial Administrator for Social Services, Edward Kila, said any women group in Central Province must come together and work as a team with the mother body, the Central Provincial Council of Women (CPCW).

Central Province Finance division receives new vehicle

He was speaking during the official hand-over of new vehicle keys to Finance and Administration Advisor, Tony Gamata on Tuesday at a small ceremony at the provincial headquarters in Konedobu, Port Moresby.

Deputy Provincial Administrator, Corporate Services, Bala Kapa said its right for the Finance Division to be well equipped with staff, office equipment’s and vehicles to deliver effectively in its functions.

“Finance is the engine room of any organisation, you can have all the plans and other things but without money you cannot do anything,” Kapa said.

Central Province gives vehicles to districts

Central Province Governor Kila Haoda said the vehicle is to be solely used for the purpose of service delivery in all five districts in the Central Province.

Haoda said public servants are highly paid but not much service is being delivered to the people in the community.

“When service is not delivered to the people, the district administrations are being blamed for the lack of delivery,” he said.