Gabagaba Classrooms Renovated

Thanks to BSP, as part of its 2022 Community Project Initiative, the BSP Marketing team refurbished three classrooms and handed them back to the school on Thursday, 4th August, along with the donation of a 2000L water tank, 40 double seater desks and BSP Sports merchandise items for the students.

It was an honour and surprise to the Gabagaba Primary School Community to witness the Group CEO of BSP, Robin Fleming, to officiate the handover of the keys of the classrooms to the school management.

Central villages under water

 Roads have not been accessible for people in Kairuku, while some villages along the Magi highway, watched their houses being washed away.

Heavy rains have affected villages in Central province, with floods blocking off roads while food gardens and homes are submerged.

In Gaire village, people resorted to paddling on boats between houses after continuous rain saw a rise in the water level to above knee length.

Six houses were washed away in Gabagaba village, leaving families displacd. 

​New learning centre for Gabagaba

CLC Kapa Structure for Gabagaba is expected to improve the village’s efforts and capacity in early childhood learning.

Yet, it is sad to say that many of these young enthusiastic learners, who strive every day to learn the alphabet, only enter into a formal education system where not all of them will have the opportunity to go further.

Gabagaba United Church chairman, Miria Ume, put that into perspective saying that early childhood learning is the first step at trying to bridge that widening gap.

VIDEO: Initiative to improve early childhood learning

The occasion was extra special with Digicel Foundation Global Chair Maria Mulcahy as guest.

CLC Kapa Structure for Gabagaba is expected to improve the village's efforts and capacity in early childhood learning.

School children were the focus of the event.


Salome Vincent with more 

Women dying due to lack of education: Local

Gou Ovia, organiser of the Pink Hahine appeal, which is a charity fundraiser, is helping raise funds for her aunt, 43-year-old mother of three, Henoa Kellei, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Pink Hahine cocktail fundraiser was held at the Helifix Hanger at Seven-Mile in Port Moresby last Friday night.

“The reason why women are dying is because they don’t have enough education about this subject, so hopefully if we raise over our targeted amount for our aunty, we can bring some awareness to our local villagers at Gabagaba,” Ovia said.

Bewani man on assault charge in Central

Bill Warno, 66 years of Ossol village, West Sepik was arrested and charged yesterday (Jan 25) by Kwikila police after spending four nights at the Kwikila Police station.

He appeared in court today before Magistrate Cosmas Bidar where he was allowed bail at K200.

Warno in asking for bail said he will be residing with his son in Port Moresby and not at Gabagaba where his family house is if granted bail.

It is alleged he (Warno) during the festive season without any good reason unlawfully wounded Jack Mou Futuwa.

Anger over village classrooms destruction

Orange flames lit up the dark night, as they walked in solemn silence, one by one, to witness flames eat away years of hard work and sweat as a total of four classrooms were destroyed.

Vavine Vere said on Facebook they comprised of three grade 8 classrooms and one grade 7 classroom.

“A sad, sad day for Gabagaba,” she said.

By morning, a wave of anguish and shock swept across the village and extended to those in Port Moresby and around the country.