Connect Central First

This is a concept adopted by the Baratu Operator Skills Training and is derived from the ‘Connect PNG’ Program.

According to the 2010 Census, Central Province had a total population of 237,016. This could have doubled or tripled over the last decade.

Executive Director of BOST, Tony Ombora, Baratu emphasized that ‘Connect central first’ is the building through training and utilizing themto give back through to the province.

Mirisim calls for unity in SHP infrastructure projects

He said a number of road projects under the CONNECT PNG program is being carried out in the province, but progress has been threatened by political infighting and constant harassment by people with political affiliations. 

“The CONNECT PNG program is a well-planned infrastructure development program that is a game changer. It will open up the country, and drive growth in our non-resources sector of the economy as we move away from dependence on the resource sector. 

Rabaul's K15M Overhaul Transforms District

These transformative initiatives encompass crucial sectors including health, education, roads, and law enforcement, propelling the district towards enhanced functionality and modernization.

The recent commencement of work on these pivotal government projects signifies a significant milestone in the district's journey towards progress. These projects, meticulously selected to address critical needs, have been formally endorsed by the Provincial Procurement Committee, and implementation is already in progress.

The nine standout projects include:

Rabaul service projects progressing

Last week, contractors moved into these areas and have begun doing clearance to pave way for power poles to be erected and putting in place necessary infrastructure such as roads.

Vital services in these communities were destroyed following the twin volcanic eruptions in 1994. But this is about to change with the K4 million Rural Electricity project and K2 million Namanula road upgrade.

Central Governor calls for assistance

She informed the House the extent of the floods that had caused widespread damages to food gardens and vital infrastructure and urged the Government for relief assistance.

 “Since February and March of this year, the province has experienced bad weather and from May 29 to 31st, we had experienced three days of torrential rainfall that resulted in flash flooding, that affected a lot of people almost more than one-third of the population of Central Province.

Connect PNG programme commended

Minister Tom thanked the government for making the Connect PNG programme, one of its flagship programmes.

Dr Tom said, “To provide a fair platform on which services can be distributed equitably, I think road access provides that fair platform. It’s quite difficult for us to give services to people who are landlocked, to give services to people who are living out in the out-lying islands; it’s quite difficult without proper form of communication, proper access.”

K750m to repair roads annually

Another K460 million per year is needed on road traffic accidents, delay costs and wear and tear costs borne by the vehicle operators and road users around.

Minister for Works and Highways, Solan Mirisim, when delivering his Ministerial Statement in parliament yesterday, said as a result of the underdeveloped and run-down condition of the country's road network, decreased road accessibility is a bottleneck to government's aspirations to diversify and grow the economy to K200 billion mark in the next 10 years.

Works Dept rolls out new policies

Australia, through the Transport Sector Support Program (TSSP), partners with PNG agencies to design, build and maintain transport infrastructure that aligns with PNG government policies such as the Medium-Term Development Plan III Environmental Safeguards requirements. This includes ensuring low carbon emissions and building resilience to climate change and disasters for local communities. 

TSSP recently supported the Department of Works and Highways (DoWH) to roll out its updated Environment and Social Safeguards Policy 2019 and Climate Change Policy 2022.

New bridge opens access to services

This project is funded by the Rabaul District Administration under the District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) funding at a cost of K350 000. A local contractor, Esteem Ltd successfully completed the construction of the project before3we its completion due date.

Speaking during the commissioning was Rabaul District Administrator, Benedict Mode who said infrastructure development, especially roads is of paramount importance and a priority that links all other developments to be accessed.

Wabag MP committed in connecting Sepik to Wabag

However, the benefits of the project are expected to be far-reaching, with improved access to markets, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

Minister for Health & HIV/AIDS and MP for Wabag Dr Lino Tom is committed in connecting and improving the transportation system between the two provinces.

The latest development in the project is the completion of the temporary Siwi Bridge, which will allow for easier access to the other side of the highway which is under construction.