St John Ambulance

Cheap liquor a worry

Thirty six cases and incidents were attended to across the city.

Over half of these were trauma cases involving alcohol fuelled incidents of violence including a number of stabbings. Majority of the incidents occurred between 12:30am and 2am.

“St John has always been busy with emergency operations in Port Moresby during the New Year’s,” said St John Ambulance CEO Matt Cannon. “We are generally concerned about the availability of cheap high-strength liquor in NCD.”

When The Siren Wakes You Up

Sadly, Christmas brings no respite for the stretcher of an ambulance, nor the bed of a hospital. POMGEN and St John were wishing for the best Christmas gift this year was for you to celebrate responsibly and stay safe.

The festive season becomes hectic for the ambulance service and public hospitals because, extra to the routine emergencies especially attending to COVID-19 cases, they have to attend to people with multiple injuries.

PNG Ports Supports SJA

A small but significant presentation was made at the PNG Ports office in Port Moresby yesterday, Thursday 25th November.

PNGPCL Managing Director, Fego Kiniafa said this is not the first time PNG Ports has assisted St John Ambulance, but this time help has come in a big way.

He said they would also assist St. John Ambulance service in Lae where their biggest port facility is.

Rotary Port Moresby Donates To SJA

Mr Weggemans said Rotary Port Moresby is looking for a way to help the effort in fighting COVID in Port Moresby and they have witnessed the excellent job being done by SJA including the management of the TAC.

In response to the COVID surge, we were looking for a way to help and we have seen that St John is doing an excellent job in managing the outbreak and the facility at Taurama Aquatic COVID Centre.

Newcrest Donates Ambulance

Newcrest Mining has come to the aid of St John Ambulance to support its operations following a demand for ambulance services due to a recent surge in COVID-19 cases in the Morobe province.

Funds for the ambulance came from Newcrest’s Community Support Fund (CFS) that was established in April 2020 to help Newcrest’s host communities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Team Sana Assists COVID Hit Provinces

The three affected provinces of Western, Eastern and Western Highlands provinces have faced a surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths recently. The call for assistance by the provincial health authority is due to overwhelming cases in their health systems.

St John being PNG’s national emergency ambulance service will often be the first on scene when disaster or major emergencies occur, like that of significant health emergencies.

Their services may be required to provide a range of emergency health support measures at the incident site to save lives or to reduce suffering.

St John Ambulance Baruni Opens

The Member for Moresby Northwest, Lohia Boe Samuel, officiated at the ceremony. Present to witness the occasion was Member for Moresby Northeast, John Kaupa, City Manager for NCDC, Bernard Kipit, NCDC Board Council Members, LLG councilors, St. and John Ambulance Commissioner Rigona Rita.

According to Commissioner, Rigona Rita, this is the first time such an important service is opened in the Port Moresby Northwest area and it will cover some of the Motu-Koitabu villages and parts of Central Province.

St. John Unveils Website

In a partnership with Be Pacific Digital Agency, the St John Ambulance website will continue to commitment in conducting ambulance services and introduce e-commerce, where customers can do payment online.

St. John’s is heavily dependent on funding from the community and availing online payment will help generate much-needed funds, because St. John’s social enterprise helps them raise funds to subsidies any funding they get from the PNG Government.

St John Ambulance Service In Namatanai

Following the initial funding of K1.7 million by the Namatanai District Development Authority (NDDA), an annual funding of K800, 000 will be allocated to the ambulance service to cover the three Local Level Governments (LLGs) of Namatamai, Matalai and Sentral Niu Ailan.

DDA Board Chairman and Member for Namatanai, Walter Schnaubelt said it is a pilot project and the DDA is working with St John Ambulance to deliver health services. Based on its outcome, this will be tailored to other LLGs.

Lae ambulance bay launched

The St John Ambulance has attended to six emergency cases so far since commencing operations in Lae last week.

St John will set up operations at the fire station with two fully-kitted ambulances.

This follows the signing of a three-way agreement with the Lae City Authority and Morobe Provincial Health Authority back in December 2020.

SJA acting commissioner and director ambulance service, Rigona Rita, thanked Lae’s fire service chief, acting superintendent, Dennis Hase, for his support in making the initiative happen.