St John Ambulance

Lae ambulance bay launched

The St John Ambulance has attended to six emergency cases so far since commencing operations in Lae last week.

St John will set up operations at the fire station with two fully-kitted ambulances.

This follows the signing of a three-way agreement with the Lae City Authority and Morobe Provincial Health Authority back in December 2020.

SJA acting commissioner and director ambulance service, Rigona Rita, thanked Lae’s fire service chief, acting superintendent, Dennis Hase, for his support in making the initiative happen.

Digicel Foundation launches ambulance

The Foundation and CPHA on Tuesday signed an Ambulance Service Agreement as St John Ambulance also officially launched the first of its new ambulances.

The ambulance is one of the two ambulances donated by Digicel PNG Foundation to St. John Ambulance at the cost of half a million kina. 

The first Land cruiser ambulance will service the people of Central province, it will be sent to the Bereina health centre.

Ambulance officers deployed

This early start is to help the Provincial Health Authority (PHA) with its response to increasing cases of COVID-19.

The advanced deployment team comprises four ambulance officers.

The team is led by Chief Superintendent Anderson Poumb.

Poumb is joined by senior ambulance officer and Community Health Worker Bradley Zuki, and two new recruit ambulance officers.

Two more recruits are expected to join the Lae team this May.

EMT’s Arrive

This comes as seven EMT’s arrived in Port Moresby yesterday to support the St John Ambulance COVID health care.

The team consists of a doctor, four paramedics and two nurses from Johanniter in Germany.

They will be tasked to care for COVID-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms over the next four weeks.

The trip was organized by the European Union.

St John Ambulance is making sure they are looked after while in PNG.

Ambulance service reports quiet Xmas in NCD

St John Ambulance Director for Operation and Assistant Commissioner, Rigona Rita, said they did not get any calls involving trauma cases.

Commissioner Rita said from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day, the organisation was faced with not more than fifty cases; 10 cases dealt with on Christmas Eve, and 23 on Christmas.

“For this year’s Christmas it has been very quiet, not like previous years where we attended to many trauma cases like stabbing or motor vehicle incidents,” he highlighted.

St John Ambulance to reach ENB

St John Ambulance currently serves the National Capital District and Central Province. However, they now plan to extend their reach to East New Britain Province.

“We have an agreement with East New Britain and we have our officers being trained here in Moresby to go to ENB to set up,” stated CEO of St John’s PNG, Matthew Cannon.

“We are anticipating the receiving of the ambulance station, which is to be donated by Consort Shipping and Curtain Brothers. We would like to start services there as soon as possible.

Partnership with St John Ambulance extended

This has been made possible with PUMA Energy’s contract renewal for a further two years.

St John ambulances travel an average of 300,000km every year to attend to emergencies in some of the remotest parts of Central Province.

PUMA Energy says they were thrilled to have helped St John respond to over 10,000 incidents in the last 12 months since signing their agreement.

Hence they have decided to renew their support commitment contract for a further two years.

Harsh health challenges tackled by ambulance

She had complained of similar pains two days prior and the family rushed her from Vanapa Brown to Port Moresby General Hospital but only to find out it was false labour.

Vanapa Brown is an LLG in the Kairuku-Hiri District of Central Province. Due to the road condition, it takes a little over an hour to get to Port Moresby.

The family thought it was false labour again that Sunday, but it wasn’t. As the contractions became frequent and the pain unbearable for the first-time mum, the family felt helpless.

Over 1,000 students trained in first aid

And there is growing interest in schools to not only save lives but also push the important message that prevention is better than cure.

Students from the Jubilee Catholic Secondary School are the latest to graduate from the first aid in schools program.

A total of 358 Grade Nine students recently received certificates.

St John Ambulance head of Commercial training, Alicia Gegera, thanked the Sir Brian Bell Foundation for the funding made available in rolling out such programs in schools.

More options for patients in emergency

Paradise Private Hospital Chief Executive officer, Dr Robin Sios, said: “We take the care of our patients seriously which is why we have faith in the quality and reliability of St John to respond to our patients and deliver them to the safety of our private hospital.

“We know that when a patient is seriously injured or in cardiac arrest, they will often need more than one ambulance to assist them. For example, CPR needs at least four ambulance officers to perform effectively in an urban environment. If CPR is delayed the patient won’t make the journey to hospital alive.