St John Ambulance

SJA partners TacMed to improve emergency response

St John Ambulance PNG and TacMed Australia proudly announced their partnership yesterday and is a significant collaboration to enhance first aid response in Papua New Guinea.

TacMed Australia is a veteran-owned emergency medical company established in 2010. The company specialize in bringing advances in battlefield medicine equipment and training to first responders.

Ambulance attacked on Hiritano Highway

Slingshots and metal projectiles were hurled at the vehicle late last night, resulting in significant damage.

St John Ambulance Chief Executive Officer, Matt Cannon, personally reviewed the damage and the dash camera footage of the attack.

Describing the footage as “horrible”, he expressed disgust at the cowardly actions towards personnel clearly identified as providing help.

SJA attends to over 50 emergencies

The nature of emergencies varied widely covering incidents such as snakebites, respiratory problems, obstetrics/maternal complications, childbirth, trauma, and more.

Of particular concern was the noteworthy increase in violence and trauma-related emergencies, constituting 24 out of the 52 emergencies in the early hours of the New Year.

A breakdown of these violence and trauma-related emergencies revealed that 16 incidents occurred in the National Capital District, 3 in Central, and 4 in Momase.

St John Ambulance vandal fined

At around 7pm on Saturday, 25th November, Lae-based St John Ambulance crew were informed of an emergency at Bumbu.

The usual two-person crew arrived at the scene only to find themselves ambushed by an intoxicated individual wielding a hammer.

The suspect, who had allegedly made the false call, attacked the vehicle, causing extensive damage to its windscreen while the two officers managed to escape.  

Green Angels appreciated

The festive period is no different; work continues for law enforcers and health workers, including primary emergency ambulance service providers like St John Ambulance.

Twenty-three cases were attended by the Lae-based team on December 25th, and one of them involved an elderly mother, Lomsi Joe, and her son.

They are from Finschhafen, in Morobe Province, but live with a Kabwum woman, Essie Malabu, at her home at Four-Mile, in Lae, to be closer to the ANGAU Memorial Provincial Hospital.

Remarkable drop in Lae trauma cases

Twenty-three (23) cases in total were attended to by the first responder, from the morning of December 25th to Boxing Day.

People’s mindsets have slowly been changing over the years, thanks to the leadership of Lae City Authority and its stakeholders, including the Lae Metropolitan Command.

Drunken brawls, noise pollution and petty crimes – which used to be the scourge of festive periods in Lae – are slowly declining.

The days leading up to Christmas, and the festive period itself, were observed quietly and peacefully by residents.

False calls overwhelm SJA ambulance service

This accumulates to a staggering 28,000 false calls in a week, obstructing genuine emergency calls from reaching the vital helpline.

The ramifications of these false alarms are not only wasting valuable resources but also putting lives at risk. Ambulance crews are frequently dispatched to fabricated emergencies, only to discover that the callers have misled authorities, diverting crucial attention away from authentic emergencies.

SJA responds to 370 xmas incidents

As part of its proactive measures, additional emergency ambulance crews were strategically deployed to meet the anticipated surge in incidents during the extended Christmas weekend.

From Friday evening to Tuesday at 6 am, 17 ambulances were on duty across critical locations, including Lae, Kokopo, Kupiano Bereina, and Port Moresby. Responding collectively to 370 emergency incidents, the St John Ambulance (SJA) Christmas operation, spanning from Sunday evening to Tuesday morning, saw dedicated ambulance crews attending to 162 emergency cases.

Trainee Nurse Delivers Christmas Miracle

On Friday midday, the 111 emergency hotline received a distress call reporting a 28-year-old woman in labor pains at the bus stop in front of Gordon’s Secondary School in Port Moresby. The expectant mother, hailing from the Brown River Area, was in town with her husband for Christmas shopping when she unexpectedly entered labor.

Suspect in ambulance rampage apprehended

He was held by National Criminal Intelligence Unit members and Special Response Unit 108 at Igam Block on Tuesday night after evading arrest. 

The ambulance was attacked on Saturday, November 25th, when responding to a report of an emergency. 

SJA reported that the suspect approached the vehicle with a hammer and inflicted significant damage.

“Based on the information available, we believe the attacker made a false call to the ambulance service to lure the ambulance to the scene,” said SJA.