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VIDEO: Paramedic training

The first 11 trainees will now be engaged with different units at the Port Moresby General Hospital for the next 6 weeks, doing hands on emergency care and also assisting hospital staff with patient care.


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HB Fire: Traffic warned to avoid area

Vehicle and PMVs were turned back from the main entry road into the village with both ends of the entry junctions blocked off.

Fire trucks were observed on sight trying to contain the fire.

Loop PNG managed to get some information from St John Ambulance staff that were on site at the village.

Currently seven patients have been treated for deep lacerations, smoke inhalation and dehydration.

Chief Fire Officer for St John Ambulance, Matt Cannon, has warned Moresby town residents to also avoid the Hanuabada area.

HB Fire: Four treated by St John Ambulance

Whilst confirmed reports have yet to come in from the Fire service and Police, Loop PNG managed to get some information from St John Ambulance staff who are currently on site at the village.

Confirming the fire, Chief Fire Officer for St John Ambulance, Matt Cannon says that so far his officers have dealt four patients.

Three villagers sustained burn injuries to their hands and feet and a fire officer needed to be treated for smoke inhalation and dehydration.

Calls to expand paramedic programs

A paramedic is a person trained to give emergency medical care to people who are seriously ill with the aim of stabilizing them before they are taken to hospital.

Dr Sam Yockopua says expanded paramedic programs will likely be the catalyst for improved patient and population health outcomes in the Pacific Region.

Yockopua is the Chief Emergency Medicine at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Based at the emergency unit, he is at the receiving end and thus stresses on the “crucial role” of a paramedic.

VIDEO: St John funding

Chief Officer Matt Cannon revealed this on Wednesday , following the Health Ministry's announcement in fulfilling its financial commitment to the ambulance service.


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​GG appointed president of St John Council

In a statement, the Council said the president is the head of the organisation in PNG.

“The National St. John Council is a statutory body in the Parliament, which means it is an auxiliary to the Government, and is responsible for the governance and oversight of St John Ambulance and its operations across the country,” reads the statement.

In accepting his appointment, the GG said: "On behalf of all, I extend my immense gratitude and respect for the incredible work performed by St John Ambulance personnel every day. 

St John’s reaches out to community for help

The longest serving pre-hospital care provider in PNG last Saturday reached out to the community it serves, for help.

The annual charity fundraising ball at the Grand Palace Seafood Restaurant in Port Moresby saw a good representation, particularly by the business communities.

Molki thanked them all, calling them true champions and true friends of St John’s Ambulance.

St John Ambulance has been in PNG for almost 60 years now and acts as the first medical response to the communities.