Health workers

Critical need for doctors, health workers

In remote communities, this situation is worse. Hence, the need for international partners’ intervention.

In Eastern Highlands Province, a partnership between the provincial government, UNICEF and a local NGO has engaged volunteers in remote areas.

These volunteers, called village birth attendants (VBA), specifically deal with mothers and babies.

Their efforts aim to avoid deaths, which is high among these population.

Health workers in Hela undergo training

The health workers will be given training on ‘Directly Observed Treatment’ (DOTS) placing them at the frontline of the TB fight.

The training comes as a result of a strengthened partnership between the Oil Search Foundation (OSF) and the Hela Provincial Health Authority (HPHA).

In a statement OSF Deputy Director, Kymberley Kepore said the Foundation works within existing government systems while continuously building on stakeholder relationships to enhance health service delivery.

Health support workers plan stop work

Over 3000 frustrated heath support workers, at all hospitals across the country, from cleaners and administration staff to bio engineers and technicians, morgue attendants and laundry staff, are ready to walk off. 

The planned strike will be taken against the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) for prolonged delay on the log of claims which includes housing allowance, pay increase, leave entitlements and other industrial matters. 

130 health workers complete snakebite course

They are participants of a snakebite course conducted recently by Charles Campbell Toxinology Centre.

The course was basically to bring doctors, nurses and health care workers up to date with the latest information on the prevention, first aid and treatment of snakebite, and the opportunity to practice a range of practical skills including Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support.

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More suspects in airport heist captured

Two suspects involved in last month’s K1.2m heist have been captured.

PNG needs more health workers

PNG needs more health workers

The country currently employs only 15,000 health workers when the actual need is 55,000.

Health Secretary Pascoe Kase said the proposed standalone University of Medicine and Health Science will help decrease the current doctor to patient ratio of 1 doctor to 17,000 people.

Kase said the Government aims to produce more doctors in the country by converting the University of PNG’s School of Medicine to a standalone University of Medicine and Health Science.

Province to pay church health workers

Northern Governor Gary Juffa made this comment following budget cuts by the National Government on Church Health Services in the country.

In Parliament, Health Minister Michael Malabag confirmed that the budget cut will only affect the salary of health workers employed in the church-run health services.          

Juffa said the cuts will affect millions of Papua New Guineans who rely on this service provided my churches in rural areas where government health services are nonexistent.  

Workers laid off in American Samoa

Two of the workers say that in letters with their Friday wages, they were told a shortage of funds was the reason they were being let go, not their job performance.

The workers have been told the Department hopes to rehire them in the new fiscal year.