St John Ambulance

65 Aust, NZ paramedics in PNG

The largest contingent of the Joint Ambulances medical support team arrived in Port Moresby on Saturday, November 10th, and are residing at the Mahuru Seaview Hotel.

The guests were welcomed by local traditional dancers organised by the Hotel.

St John Ambulance PNG Chief Paramedic Officer, Phil Proust, said: “All these paramedics have come here voluntarily, no paramedic has been paid, they’ve taken their own holidays, their leaves, they’ve left their families and because they want to help Papua New Guinea.

Baby born near drain

The baby was delivered next to a drain this morning by its unsuspecting mother.

Residents near the flash flood drain at Gordons rushed to assist the mother and her newborn child before the ambulance arrived.

According to residents living here, the first time mother was walking along the track next to this drain when she suddenly sat down on the grass and called out to them for help.

Another woman who was walking along the same track, rushed to her aid and helped the first-time mum, deliver a healthy baby boy.

Parkop responds to St John attack

He understands that the number of police personals requested for the Fun Run was inadequate due to availability and suggested private security firms to be involved in the future.

The Governor further suggested for organizers in such big events to do more awareness in the community so they can understand better the purpose of the event so they respect it.



St John workers attacked at Pom Fun Run

St John Ambulance’s Director Health Clinical Service, Naomi Mol, who also was engaged in a tussle to keep her bag, was disgusted at the youths who used the Fun Run with unlawful intentions.

The St John Ambulance’s Director Health Clinical Service and Naomi Mol, who is also the Chief Nursing Officer, had her team of five female staff and a male medical student station here at this bus stop on standby for any emergencies.  

She recalled that the boys were the first runners ahead of the whole group.

When the youths approached them, they asked for some water.

Lack of NCDC funding disappointing

More people are seeing the great work St John Ambulance is doing in NCD and Central Province.

However, the feeling amongst staff is disappointment with lack of funding from the National Capital District Commission.

An ambulance levy is urgently needed as the organisation tries to keep up with the increasing demand in NCD.

Another delivery in ambulance

For many, it was just another Tuesday (23 January) morning in Port Moresby… but not for this young woman who hails from Goilala District in the Central Province.

At around 10:30am, the St John Ambulance 111 Operations Centre in Port Moresby received a distress call from a settlement behind Badihagwa.

Maria David, a 29-year-old woman, was experiencing pains and needed urgent medical assistance.

Please don’t end up in the back of one of our ambulances

St John Ambulance often see the result of people partying too big –violence, trauma and alcohol related illness.

Here are some simple tips to keep you and your loved ones safe during your post-festive season celebrations.

Alcohol intoxication can result in severe injury and sometimes even death.

Drunk people are more likely to do silly things that put them at risk such as start a fight or drive a vehicle. Drunk people are prone to vomiting which can obstruct their airway leading to asphyxiation and death.

Always ensure:

Pom residents commended

In a report, paramedics responded to numerous alcohol fueled incidents of violence, including people with stab wounds.

The peak period was between 12: 30am and 2am this morning.

Over 26 ambulance officers, paramedics and emergency nurses were on duty last night operating seven ambulance vehicles and a clinic.

According to St John Ambulance, Chief Officer, Matthew Cannon, despite some isolated incidents of violence, the large majority of people welcomed in the New Year sensibly.

St John Ambulance on standby this NY eve

Loop PNG caught up with St Johns crew stationed at NRI, Rainbow around 10:30pm.


St John Ambulance Chief Superintendent, Rigone Rita says so far they have not attended to any fatalities.

He said they will be out on the roads until 4am at New Years morning.

They have paramedics on standby as well at 9 mile, Gerehu, Waigani, Badili including an ambulance that is on standby at the St Johns Ambulance headquarters.

More updates to follow on the New Year operations in the nation's capital.

​St John Ambulance praised

Speaking at the St John Ambulance Ball and 60th Anniversary last Saturday in Port Moresby, Sir Bob said St. John Ambulance has been serving our community, by our side in our time of need for the past six decades.

“Caring for others is at the heart of the St. John community here in Papua New Guinea and right across the world. It is hard to imagine just how far reaching and, frankly, ancient the St. John organisation is.”