SJA ambulances respond to multiple vehicle incidents

These unfortunate events resulted in varying degrees of injuries among those involved.

A fleet of five ambulances accompanied by a paramedic response vehicle hurried to the scenes to provide urgent medical assistance. At ATS and 8-Mile, ambulance crews attended to injured individuals.

Road accidents in POM

Among the reported incidents was a motor vehicle accident on Saturday at Six-Mile where a vehicle’s tyres came off, causing the driver to lose control of the CRV.

Eyewitnesses say a man and a woman were on board but luckily escaped without injuries.

On Sunday night, a head on collision involving a taxi and Land Cruiser left a little girl traumatised at Waigani, in front of Laguna Hotel.

A couple who witnessed the incident said the taxi (Kanny Trans Services) was to be blamed as it was on the wrong side of the road.

6 minor Pom accidents reported

Traffic police director Joe Joseph confirmed this, adding that there were no major fatalities reported.

The serious among these happened this morning at 7am on Kiffu Hawk Street, Seven-Mile.

He said an Isuzu truck, belonging to a security firm, rolled off the road after engine failure. While there were people injured, none were fatal.

“People are becoming wiser and taking caution,” he said.

But the festive period is not over yet, and he is reminding people to continue being cautious.

“New Year is coming so be safe and celebrate at home.

Alcohol, substance abuse behind accidents: Report

These also include alcohol-related violence in families and within communities.

NCD/ Central Divisional Commander, Donald Yamasombi, stressed this on Tuesday during the launch of RPNGC Christmas operations whilst challenging NCD residents on making the festive period ‘accident- free’.

Yamasombi said Port Moresby, as we all know, is the berthing port of PNG.

​Over 40 injured, 4 dead after vehicle accidents

Last Saturday, an accident involving a truck occurred along the Baiyer Road at Tech. The incident claimed the life of the driver while 11 others were admitted to hospital.

On Monday, two accidents occurred at the same time; one at Warakalap Village along the road to Mendi while another at Tomba, along the road to Wabag.

Ps Stanley Ebi, one of the patients, said at the Warakalap check point, the driver of their PMV bus was speeding along a sharp turn.

Before they knew it, they found themselves rolling four or five times down a cliff.

Manus police investigate 20yo’s suicide

Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector David Yapu (pictured) said the deceased’s body was found hanging from a tree after she went missing from June 21 to June 23.

Her body was discovered at Bush camp, Lombrum Naval base, on June 23. 

The deceased has been identified as Doris Moipe, who transferred to Manus to continue her education after completing Grade 10 at the Good Shepherd High School in Madang Province.

She was to continue her education but ended up marrying a Manus man instead.

How to escape a sinking car

After the car was pulled from the water and it became apparent that Stephanie King had died trying to save her children, that pang of fear grew into a need for answers.

What would they do if they found themselves in that situation with their children strapped into the backseat? What could they do?

Videos began appearing on social media feeds of parents who had searched the internet for answers.

Meet the storm chaser who gets a thrill from severe weather

"I was the kid that Mum used to yell out to get off the patio and stop sitting outside watching the lightning and the thunderstorms," he told ABC News Breakfast.

The freelance cameraman and passionate storm chaser has spent the last seven years chasing storms in Australia and travelling to the US to volunteer as a driver for tourist groups wanting to experience the same thrills.

Tornados are the big attraction in America and he's seen 63 in just the last few years. He also raced to meet Cyclone Yasi, which tore through Queensland in 2011.

Harry Potter actor in intensive care

The 54-year-old, who played the owner of the Leaky Cauldron in the film, suffered a broken neck and a punctured lung.

He also has 15 broken ribs, breaks in his right leg and fractured breastbones.

His wife Laura posted a picture of him in a hospital bed on Facebook.

"This is Laura here," she wrote. "Now that his family have been informed, Jim has asked me to let you all know that he was involved in a serious car accident yesterday, a head-on collision.

Pilot hospitalised after self-made plane crashes at Tumut west of Canberra

The man, who is in his 50s, received non-life-threatening back injuries when the single engine plane crash landed just after take off at Bombowlee.

The man took off from Tumut Airport about 4:30pm on Saturday, but his plane quickly began experiencing engine problems.

He was able to crash land the plane at a paddock near Wee Jasper Road about 800 metres south of the airport.