Police challenged to look into ‘drink driving’

​Saturday's fatal accident along the Magi Highway has been a challenge for Police in terms of drink driving or driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The accident caused the deaths of two people and two others sustained serious injuries in what police say was an alcohol related accident along the Magi Highway in the Central Province.

Comments posted on Loop PNG website called for police to introduce the breath alcohol tester (BAC) along the highways and city streets.

"It's about time the Police Traffic introduce random BAC testing along our Highways and within city roads. It should be a zero tolerance approach. Drivers caught over this alcohol limits should be taken off the road and charged," one said.

“They are a great risk to pedestrians and to themselves. It does not cots much for all these BAC devices," said another.

“Come on RPNGC do the right thing rather than just harbouring the political criminals out there. Put up a law, pass it and buy these devices that will go a long way in saving lives,” one person commented on the site.

Many raised concern that all the accidents caused on the roads and streets are alcohol related.

Freddy Mou