Believe Global Launches Gazelle Community Hub

The event was attended by the Governor of East New Britain, Michael Marum, Open Member for Gazelle and Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources Jelta Wong, Believe Global Director Neil Smith, and leaders and members of the community.

The Community Hub is designed to bring positive impact in five key areas: leadership, business, education, health, and the church.

It provides infrastructure for dedicated youth development programs, education training, health services, and general community support in rural areas across Papua New Guinea.

Wong Leads After Box 36

Upon completion of box 38, which is the last box for Toma Vunadidir LLG, counting officials returned to count boxes 14 and 15 for Inland Baining LLG that was disputed last Thursday by scrutineers for seal issues and put aside.

Box 38 contained votes from Baie, Vunararere, Tamanairik 1 and 2. Quality check of all 38 boxes is expected to take place soon.

The top 5 candidates after primary counts are:

Lack Of Protocol Upset Gazelle Leaders

Five LLG Presidents raised this concern following the unannounced visit by Deputy Prime Minister, Sam Basil to the district recently.

They said such actions was disrespectful to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and that Member for Gazelle, Jelta Wong was not made aware of the DPM's visit.

The leaders said for whichever reason Mr Basil was in the province for, it is only right to inform authorities on the ground so people are able to accord respect to the national leader.

Gazelle empower wards

Mr Wong said this during the opening of are furbished community hall at Bitakapuk (1) in the Toma Vunadidir LLG on Monday.

He said this is as per the Gazelle DDA Board’s decision to empower wards it is also in line with achieving one of the province’s Strategic Result Areas which is Governance and Management.

“Strengthening governance at the ward level will alleviate social and law and order problems and promote economic development,” Mr Wong said.

Gazelle DDA approves K250,000 for COVID-19 activities

During the recent DDA board meeting last month at Kabakada ward, Gazelle DDA Board chairman and Gazelle MP, Jelta Wong, instructed his deputy, Livuan-Reimber LLG President Sam Piniau, to take charge of meetings, if need be, because his position as Health Minister will require him to be in Port Moresby, attending to national issues.

Gazelle launches community development centre

Imbonggu and Talasea District held their “Sanapim pos” ceremony in December 2018.

The Minister for Police and Member for Gazelle, Jelta Wong, said: “The District Community Development Centre will be a service centre to empower women and families. It will address all issues and will also be a training centre.”

He added that this is the key project that will drive the district forward in terms of development.

The Department has developed the concept of District Community

 Development Centres (DCDC) to address all family issues through its District Centres.

Bypass for affected North Coast villages

This follows recent heavy rain, showers and thunderstorms causing flooding and landslides associated with the monsoon trough in East New Britain.

On Thursday (Feb 21) Wong engaged road machinery and using his personal funds, paid for fuel drums. He directed East New Britain provincial works technical team on site and created a bypass to allow local businesses and commuters to use the road again.

Young Wong contests Gazelle Open seat

Kerevat is the growth centre of Gazelle district, the biggest district in East New Britain province.
The town was awaken to the blaring of vehicle horns, loud hailers and chants for a much deserved change for the people who have seen meager government services over the last five years.

Jelta Wong, a local boy who grow up all his life in the Gazelle outback and seen how his people suffer from basic government services over the years, promised by leaders during election time has stepped forward to be the channel for service to his people without fear or favour.

Gazelle power over Wantoks

Gazelle scored the bulk of their runs in the first inning through some good batting that saw Regina Jerry, Matilda Pondriket, Angie Manuai and Sharon Pamel run home to score to lead 4-0.

Wantoks hit back at their second turn of bat in the next inning with two runs, thanks to the batting of Priscilla Samuel who powered a safe hit to the outfield to bring Winnie Parom home safely.

Safe on second base, Samuel stole to third from the next pitch and then eventually snuck home from a pass ball to trail by two runs.

Gazelle victorious over Eagles

It was a scoreless first two innings with both sides unable to convert their chances to score into points.

Gazelle hit the lead at the top of third when former Eagles pitcher, Clement Okole snuck home to make it 1-0.

Gazelle added three more runs in the next inning from passed balls which saw Okole, David Mickey and Harry Matthew scored.

The boys from Matupit gave Gazelle a scare at their last turn of bat when an overthrow to first base allowed Daniel Pennie and Consie Lumaris to sprint home.