Health Minister Jelta Wong

Wong: Set Aside Political Differences

"As our country deals with this crisis it is no time for senseless politics. We need all Leaders to put differences aside, and work with a common resolve to fight back against COVID-19.

"How many Leaders in this House have been encouraging their constituents to

get vaccinated? … How many leaders are standing up and joining the Prime Minister to push for greater vaccination?"

He added that vaccination keeps people out of the healthcare system.

Gazelle empower wards

Mr Wong said this during the opening of are furbished community hall at Bitakapuk (1) in the Toma Vunadidir LLG on Monday.

He said this is as per the Gazelle DDA Board’s decision to empower wards it is also in line with achieving one of the province’s Strategic Result Areas which is Governance and Management.

“Strengthening governance at the ward level will alleviate social and law and order problems and promote economic development,” Mr Wong said.

Newcrest Mining Refutes Coronavirus claims

In a statement General Manager of Operations, Chris Jordaan, said there was no coronavirus detected at the mine as speculated on social media but confirmed  that two employees have been placed in quarantine after presenting flu-like symptoms.

Rumors of the coronavirus being detected at the Lihir Gold Mine circulated overnight on social media.

It was claimed that an expatriate staff had been confirmed to have contracted the virus.

In a statement issued this morning General Manager of Operations, Chris Jordaan, said the rumors were not true.