Gazelle launches community development centre

Gazelle in East New Britain Province is the third district to launch the Sanapim Pos ceremony for its community development district centre.

Imbonggu and Talasea District held their “Sanapim pos” ceremony in December 2018.

The Minister for Police and Member for Gazelle, Jelta Wong, said: “The District Community Development Centre will be a service centre to empower women and families. It will address all issues and will also be a training centre.”

He added that this is the key project that will drive the district forward in terms of development.

The Department has developed the concept of District Community

 Development Centres (DCDC) to address all family issues through its District Centres.

Secretary Anna Solomon said: “The Centre will house officers on deployment from the national level to the district level to support and train local volunteers and officer at the district level.

“Each centre will have protection officer, welfare officer, gender and human rights desk, civil registry including representatives from NGOs and development partners.”

The Centre will be a one stop service delivery Centre for protection and empowerment programs and consultations.

People at the district do not have to travel to the main centres, including Port Moresby, to seek assistance and advice. The current government policy is to deliver service to the people at the district level and one of its platform is using the DCDC program through the mandated department, which is the Department for Community Development and Religion.

(Department secretary, Anna Solomon, left, Member for Gazelle and Police Minister, Jelta Wong, Deputy Provincial Administrator Nicholas Larme and DDA members)

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