Young Wong contests Gazelle Open seat

The fast thriving township of Kerevat came to a standstill when 220 vehicles invaded the sleepy town on Tuesday morning.

Kerevat is the growth centre of Gazelle district, the biggest district in East New Britain province.
The town was awaken to the blaring of vehicle horns, loud hailers and chants for a much deserved change for the people who have seen meager government services over the last five years.

Jelta Wong, a local boy who grow up all his life in the Gazelle outback and seen how his people suffer from basic government services over the years, promised by leaders during election time has stepped forward to be the channel for service to his people without fear or favour.

Gazelle district is already in a good state but Wong has put his hand up to take the sleeping giant another step further - much better.

Contesting under the United Resources Party banner, Wong nominated at the Gazelle district office in Kerevat with the aim to make sure that existing.

He said that health and education are two major issues that his government will improve when voted into parliament.

Wong has lived and shared his life with many in this rural part of East New Britain.

With a heart for the little simple people and a true giver at heart, he has contributed in many rural schools and health centres in the Baining and Lassul areas and other parts of the densely populated to scattered areas of the Gazelle.
This life and experience has encouraged Wong to step out of his comfort zone and fight his people’s battle.

He is determined to initiate sustainable economic programs that will empower the Gazelle people and boost the local economy, giving the chance to people to have money in their pockets.

The voice of changed has introduced Wong to the people and this stance was made known on Tuesday with the convoy for 220 vehicles and thousands of supporters that travelled along the North Coast up to Ramalmal, Rakunai and further to the Four Ways Junction and back to Kerevat town where throngs of people have gathered for his rally. 

The current sitting member is Malakai Tabar who is also Transport Minister.

Freddy Mou