Gazelle empower wards

Member for Gazelle and Minister for Health Jelta Wong said Gazelle District is committed to promoting ward governance where bulk of its population are.

Mr Wong said this during the opening of are furbished community hall at Bitakapuk (1) in the Toma Vunadidir LLG on Monday.

He said this is as per the Gazelle DDA Board’s decision to empower wards it is also in line with achieving one of the province’s Strategic Result Areas which is Governance and Management.

“Strengthening governance at the ward level will alleviate social and law and order problems and promote economic development,” Mr Wong said.

He said the community hall refurbished at a cost of K100, 000, it will be used as an isolation facility for people of Toma Vunadidir LLG.

Proper facilities needed in an isolation facility will be installed in the coming days. Once everybody receives vaccination for COVID-19, then the hall will be disinfected and used.

Minister Wong also reminded people at Bitakapuk on the importance of vaccination as a safety measure.

ENB Governor Nakikus Konga said: “Let us not believe stories that the vaccination is dangerous, we must understand that the pandemic is a threat to our society and threat to the global community.

The Governor commended the Gazelle MP for delivering key projects to the largest district in the province with about 160,000 people.

Terry Longbut