Believe Global Launches Gazelle Community Hub

Believe Global launched its first Community Hub in Mandress, Gazelle, East New Britain on April 22nd, 2023.

The event was attended by the Governor of East New Britain, Michael Marum, Open Member for Gazelle and Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources Jelta Wong, Believe Global Director Neil Smith, and leaders and members of the community.

The Community Hub is designed to bring positive impact in five key areas: leadership, business, education, health, and the church.

It provides infrastructure for dedicated youth development programs, education training, health services, and general community support in rural areas across Papua New Guinea.

The Hubs are equipped with high-tech A/V connections for global connectivity and program delivery, and they break away from the traditional "silo" model of community services to provide a holistic and integrated approach.

The Governor and Minister expressed their appreciation for the project and the positive outcomes it will bring, especially for the youth.

Believe Global has been involved in community initiatives, youth development, and education programs in Papua New Guinea since 2015, and plans to open more Community Hubs in the future.

Loop Author