Lack Of Protocol Upset Gazelle Leaders

Local leaders in Gazelle District of East New Britain Province say Parliamentarians must follow proper protocols when visiting other electorates.

Five LLG Presidents raised this concern following the unannounced visit by Deputy Prime Minister, Sam Basil to the district recently.

They said such actions was disrespectful to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and that Member for Gazelle, Jelta Wong was not made aware of the DPM's visit.

The leaders said for whichever reason Mr Basil was in the province for, it is only right to inform authorities on the ground so people are able to accord respect to the national leader.

 “What if something happened to the Deputy Prime Minister while he was at Toma? Who will be blamed, as we didn’t know that he was coming to the province.

“Protocol tells you that when you go into each province, you must alert the governor and provincial administration so they can let LLG presidents know that the DPM is coming,” Minister Wong said.

The leaders said the Deputy Prime Minister would have been met with further courtesy, had he informed authorities of his trip.

They urged that national leaders follow suit and take protocols accordingly, so to avoid future complications.

Loop Author