Jelta Wong

Wong Pays Tribute To Late Sir Ronald ToVue

Sir Ronald, 88 of Ratavul Village in Rabaul District, passed away on Saturday 25 December, in Port Moresby after battling a long illness.

Minister Wong said ENB has lost another prominent leader who had contributed immensely to developing the province.

“Sir Ronald was among pioneer leaders such as late Sir Paulias Matane, Sir Rabbie Namaliu, Martin ToVadek, Vin ToBaining, Oscar Tammur, Damien Kereku, Sir Henry ToRobert and Sir John Kaputin who devotedly worked hard to build the foundation in ENB and we are lucky to be here today,” said Minister Wong.

Lack Of Protocol Upset Gazelle Leaders

Five LLG Presidents raised this concern following the unannounced visit by Deputy Prime Minister, Sam Basil to the district recently.

They said such actions was disrespectful to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and that Member for Gazelle, Jelta Wong was not made aware of the DPM's visit.

The leaders said for whichever reason Mr Basil was in the province for, it is only right to inform authorities on the ground so people are able to accord respect to the national leader.

Wong pays tribute to Akoitai

Wong described late Member as a true leader, and a man of peace, a friend to the people of Gazelle and East New Britain people, a dear colleague who will be remembered for his achievements.  

Wong said, late Sam Akoitai was instrumental in building bridges between the opposing sides in Bougainville. He said, late Akoitai demonstrated that, it takes a man of great courage, to extend the olive branch to the foes, and to strive for peace.

Wong Told To Address COVID Challenges

He argued that COVID-19 statistics was picked up from 'COVID-19 status in’ dated November 4, 2021. Kapavore clarified that PNG registered 30,036 COVID-19 cases with 385 deaths. 

“So looking at these statistics, one can calculate that more than 29,000 recovered or 98 percent recovery rate.

“I am not anti-vaccine, but I am against the' No Jab, No Job Policy' especially when we are seeing increasing number of public institutions also adhering to the same. 

Wong Blasts Kapavore

Minister Wong said Member for Pomio, Elias Kapavore and the Opposition are peddling fake news and showing total disregard for the lives and safety of citizens.

“Statement by the former Health Minister about the number of people recovering from COVID-19 is wrong,” he said.

This follows similar claims made my foreign anti-vaccination activists in other countries that have been discredited.

“The death rate for COVID-19 is not one per cent, as the Opposition claims with his misleading figure that one per cent of infected people have recovered.

PM Orders Health Minister To Intervene

The Prime Minister was responding to Member for Abau, Sir Puka Temu during Question Time today. Sir Puka told Parliament that most often the people from Central were turned away from Port Moresby and Gerehu General Hospitals.

"Our people are always turned back from seeking medical treatment in the city hospital.

"Why are doctors turning our people away?"

Prime Minister Marape when responding assured the people of Central Province that they have every right to seek medical treatment in all city hospitals.

Health Dept. Plans to Increase Workforce

The Minister also announced that a Medical Registration Bill would be captured through this plan. This bill will allow students graduating from the Divine Ward University to be eligible to work within the country.

The Minister also announced that a 10 year National Health Plan would be launched in the coming months.

Minister Wong made these statements in response to questions posed by Member for Pomio Open, Elias Kapavore regarding the Department’s plans.

Minister Kapavore asked about the:

Consultations underway for Gazelle Agro Special Economic Zone

In 2020, the ENB Provincial Government declared Gazelle district to be the industrial hub of the province. This massive economic impact project will cover its five LLGs.

Commencing initial consultations over the weekend, Gazelle MP and District development Authority (DDA) Board Chairman, Jelta Wong and four LLG presidents for Lassul Baining, Inland Baining, Livuan Reimber, Central Gazelle and staff from ENB provincial and district administration visited Inland and Lassul Baining and met with locals.

Wong: Opposition’s Claims Baseless

Minister Wong said if the Opposition had taken any interest in the passage of the legislation, they would not be making such reckless and empty claims, particularly as the country braces for further COVID-19 disease spread.

“The National Pandemic Act was the most effective way to manage the COVID-19 crisis while balancing the need for business and the economy to stay open and recover.

“It astounds me that the Opposition has so little understanding of the challenges facing our nation as it keeps putting around political rubbish,” he said.

Outgoing health minister acknowledges NCC staff

The Minister met with representatives from different government agencies, donor agencies and the private sector at the National Control Centre at Morauta house on Friday with the Controller and Police Commissioner, David Manning, and Deputy Controller and Acting Health Secretary, Dr Paison Dakulala.

Minister Wong said many worked with patriotism and many without overtime to keep COVID-19 at bay and urged all to continue to work. He said while a transition strategy is being worked on, there is still a long way to go and all must work towards making PNG a safer and better country.