East New Britain

ENB celebrate disability day

Britain Inspector Edward Gigi, who is an amputee said, “See our ability and not our disability and accept us into the community, accept us into the workforce and utilise us to the best in doing things in the workforce, community and in homes.”

He made the call during the International Disability Day (IDD) celebration under the theme, ‘Remove Barriers, Make Rights Real’.

Inspector Gigi shared that most of them have disability and are employed and try their best to work hard to show that they can perform but others are being turn down due to their disability.

Rabaul Frangipani Festival Preps Underway

Now in its 26th year, the event will commemorate the 28th anniversary of the twin volcanic eruptions and the 85th Anniversary of the 1937 eruptions, where 200 people lost their lives.

The Frangipani Festival is also a time to celebrate Papua New Guinea’s 47th year of Independence.

Susie McGrade, member of the organising committee, says the two-day program with the theme: ‘Bringing the communities of ENB together’ will kick off on Friday, 17 September, with an Independence anniversary flag ceremony.

Marum Reaches Over 22,000 Votes

Sitting governor, Nakikus Konga was ousted in the 16th Exclusion last night. Jack Voivoi was eliminated in the 17th Exclusion at 11am and his 11,501 votes were distributed.

Currently underway is the 18 exclusion of Levi Orong, whose 13,447 votes are being distributed to the remaining five candidates.

After the 17th Exclusion- the progressive tally is:

Final elimination for Kokopo Open

At 1:30pm, the latest tally put People’s National Congress Party candidate Ereman ToBaining Jnr in the lead with 11,109 votes. PANGU Pati Emil Tamur had 6,038 votes.

The absolute majority is at 12, 539.

Kokopo Open seat is expecting a new Member of Parliament by this afternoon.

Meanwhile, candidate Komet Malari has bowed out of the race in the 19th exclusion. His 5,482 votes will be shared between Ereman Tobaining Jnr and incumbent MP Emil Tamur.

ENB Provincial Nears Declaration

Counting was suspended at 10 last night after the 10th exclusion - with candidate 10 Ronnie Ilam eliminated.

As of the 10th Exclusion, the progressive tally is:

Top 5

  1. Michael Marum – 17,261
  2. Comsams Bauk – 12,922
  3. Robert Lutulel- 12,262
  4. Nobert Kubak- 10,389
  5. Leo Dion- 10,109

Marum Leads As Elimination Continues

Former rugby league super coach, Michael Marum maintains a clear lead with a difference of 4,100 votes ahead of his nearest rival.

After the 6th exclusion, candidate 25-John Gesling is out of the race.

The progressive tally- Top 5:

  1. Michael Marum -16,667
  2. Cosmas Bauk- 12,563
  3. Robert Lutulel- 9,928
  4. Leo Dion – 9,792
  5. Levi Orong – 9,619

Elimination for the ENB provincial seat continues.

Elimination Underway For ENB Provincial Seat

After the second exclusion on Alipet, the progressive tally for the ENB Provincial seat is:

Top 5

  1. Michael Marum -16,387
  2. Cosmas Bauk- 12,20
  3. Robert Lutulel- 9,771
  4. Leo Dion – 9,615
  5. Levi Orong – 9,479

Currently the exclusion continues.

Marum Leads ENB Provincial Race

The updates for the following top five were recorded as of 3.13pm today 20th July.

  2. COSMAS BAUK – ULP – 11, 954
  4. LEO DION – PANGU PATI – 9410
  5. LEVI ORONG – SDP – 9390

More updates to follow.

Rabaul RO Lauds Proper Election Conduct

He said it was a do-or-die contest for the final exclusion as counting for the seat concluded with Rumet coming out victorious, unseating Sitting MP and Melanesian Liberal Party leader, Dr Allan Marat.

After the 7th and final exclusion, Rumet scored 5,192- a three point’s difference from Dr Allan Marat’s 5,189, to win the seat.

Third time Rabaul Open seat contender and United Labour Party candidate, Raymond Paulias bowed out of the contest in the 6th Exclusion with 3,447 votes that was distributed to the two remaining contenders - Marat and Rumet.

Rabaul Open Continue Exclusions

Counting was suspended yesterday with the exclusion of Candidate No.17: David Graham’s 921 at the 4th Exclusion. 

At 9 this morning, Rabaul went into its 5th exclusion removing Candidate No. 16 Taupa Puipui’s from the race.
Yesterday other candidates who commenced the Elimination Process began with Candidate Tukau Ekonia who polled 61 at Primary Counts, followed on the Second elimination by Francis Tavatuna, who received 4 votes from the first exclusion for a progressive of 239 which was the least thus being second to be excluded.