East New Britain

Kokopo school welcomes K550,000 housing project

The Kalamanagunan Primary School excitedly opened 7 teachers’ units last Friday (March 24) with traditional singsing, food and special gifts.

The pilot project, funded by the Kokopo Development Authority at a cost of K550,000, includes a 5-in-1 complex and a duplex.

Governor Ereman ToBaining Jnr, who officiated at the event, said the new infrastructure aligns with their government’s education plan.

“Teachers will not need to travel hours and hours and miles away to come to school. That is why we are housing them on campus.

Most ENB secondary schools remain suspended

This was revealed during a meet between the administration of all secondary level institutions in the province, the provincial administrator and education council, on Friday.

Chairman of the Provincial Education Council, Cosmas Bauk, told the principals: “Don’t resume until the culprits are apprehended.

“Only a minority are jeopardising the entire student body’s education.

“Blacklist those students!”

Felling of historical trees angers residents

It is believed that the historical shade trees were chopped down to make way for power lines.

Among those who have raised their voices against the ‘outrageous’ exercise was the Rabaul Historical Society secretary, Susan McGrade.

A frustrated McGrade told Loop PNG that those shade trees ‘survived many, many eruptions’.

“There is absolutely no reason to remove the trees altogether,” she said.

Survivor reality show scouts describe Kokopo as ‘Perfect’

With its magnificent beaches, turquoise seas and a spectacular active volcano, Kokopo has already stolen the heart of the team.

Survivor is a part competition, part docu-drama, which continues to be the centrepiece of broadcasting schedules around the world and currently airing in more than 50 countries.

It is a much followed TV show among PNG households and will soon be a platform to market PNG to the world.

​Indigenous language almost extinct

This is true for the Makolkol, a group of people located towards the Nakanai Ranges between Open Bay, Pomio and West New Britain.

The original Makolkol are Baining people, the indigenous inhabitants of East New Britain, However, they were thought to be extinct and thus, were never included as part of the Baining tribe.

Meet William Labu, an elder of the Makolkol and one of five pure blood, original Makolkol people.

Teachers’ college gets a boost of K271,000

More than 200 people, about 50 of which were trainee teachers and the Bismark Early Childhood students, gathered at the Bismark Elementary School to witness the humble reception.

Chief executive officer of the National Gaming Control Board (NGCB), Imelda Agon, presented the school with a dummy cheque last week Friday. The funds will be directed towards supporting the school in constructing a new library and an ICT Lab.

​Improved airport infrastructure can minimise aviation risks, says Minister

This point was highlighted by Civil Aviation Minister Davis Steven and emphasised by National Airports Corporation (NAC) Managing Director, Joseph Tupiri, to statements by East New Britain Governor Ereman ToBaining that Tokua Airport needs an upgrade.

Governor ToBaining revealed this when welcoming Steven and those participating in the third Aviation Safety and Security Annual Conference in Kokopo.

He said the Tokua Airport last underwent an upgrade seven years ago on its runway, which is now in need of repair.

George Brown Day celebrated in Kimbe

The church was packed as United Church followers congregated from three church circuits in the region.

George Brown was a Methodist missionary born in England but migrated to New Zealand in 1855. In 1874-75, he travelled in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and New Zealand, canvassing support. He then visited Fiji and Samoa for volunteer missionaries then later arrived in New Britain.

In 1878, New Britain locals allegedly murdered and ate a Fijian missionary and three teachers but this did not deter Brown from his mission.

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Women make up majority of unbanked PNG population


It has been pointed out that the majority of PNG’s unbanked population is made up of women, especially in rural and urban settlement communities.

Tomscoll: PNG expecting downturn in rice imports

A school’s story of true sacrifice

More than 500 people turned up to witness the occasion, which included the ground breaking ceremony of another library building project.

Unlike other government agency schools in the country, the story of the Vunadawai Primary School classroom and office launching is one of true sacrifice.

Talks about these two projects began late last year on November 23. The school board then met and appointed an architect.