East New Britain

Kerevat Jail Needs Support

Making this call to fellow LLG presidents was Toma Vunadidir LLG president, Robert Mati.
He accompanied by LLG presidents in Gazelle District - Central Gazelle Joe Endo, Livuan Reimber Sam Piniau, Inland Baining Karl Baru, Lassul Baining Bernard Kulap and executive officer to Gazelle MP Misikaram Eliuda visited Kerevat Correctional Services institution on Thursday and presented K3000 worth of food purchased by Toma Vunadidir LLG.

Raluana: New Base for NA Party

This follows the opening and dedication of a meeting place or hausboi (house for men) recently.

NA Secretary-General and Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt who officially opened the hausboi acknowledged Ekonia Walom, for the initiative. The hausboi replicates his very own Kilak White House in Namatanai.

Schnaubelt said, “All the decisions in Kokopo will be made here. They named it Kilak following my meeting house in Namatanai which is on the ridge overseeing the whole Pacific Ocean.”

Tolai Tumbuan Society Remembers Sir Michael

To coincide with the country’s 46th Independence Anniversary today the people of Matupit in Rabaul district organized a special Tolai traditional Tumbuan and kutu tabu rituals to honor and remember Sir Michael’s original birthplace at Rapindik near Matupit.

Governor Parkop Supports Park

Rabaul Town was once a magnificent provincial of ENB, before being destroyed by volcanic eruptions of Mt Tavurvur and Mt Vulcan in 1994. It has since been rebuilt into a regional port.

Governor Parkop presented a K30, 000 cheque on Friday 27 August, to help revive and develop the Queens Park Oval for Rabaul Rugby Football League matches.

Parkop commended all stakeholders involved in tirelessly working on this restoration program, adding also that Australians and Japanese rebuilt it after the eruptions and the 2nd World War.

Gaulim health post upgrade

Member for Gazelle and Health Minister, Jelta Wong announced recently that the plan to redesign the facility has been approved and construction work to be undertaken by contractor Hoam Builders will start this month.

He said the project is worth K4.5 million and was awarded last month under the Health Services Sector Development Project (HSSDP) and financed under the partnership of Asian Development Bank, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and PNG Government.

Anti-corruption desk in Kokopo

The Anti-Corruption Help Desk is a community service provided by TIPNG that provides an avenue for people to report corruption.

It assists people by providing legal assistance and seeking pathways for redress.

The Anti-Corruption Help Desk statistics of complaints brings to light the hotspots of corruption, informs and empowers people of their rights and responsibilities and strengthens anti-corruption mechanisms within agencies.

Kabaira Financial Literacy Training

The program held was in the Mailivuan ward and was facilitated by Lamang Business Consultants.

The program was aimed at enabling the rural populace to achieve personal financial success through active participation in wealth creating opportunities and prudent money management practices.

The participants also received lessons on creating multiple streams of income as means for financial security, and the importance of forming a co-operative society as the basis for rural economic empowerment.

Reconciliation reached among Rabaul youths

The confrontation had escalated and caught the attention of provincial leaders and the police hierarchy.

The reconciliation ceremony was facilitated by Provincial Administrator Wilson Matava, Rabaul District Administrator Marakan Uvano, Works Advisor Bernie Wogan, police personnel led by Rabaul Police station commander Neil and all LLG Presidents from Rabaul District.

The youth from the four villages, led by their village elders and ward members, were bearing traditional ceremonial spears and shell money signifying the beginning of peace and friendship again.  

ENB police praised for effective lockdown

Police officers from Kerevat and Tomaringa have been manning the New Britain Highway on a 24-hour basis since the commencement of the lockdown on January 8th. Apart from the highway, the police personnel have been monitoring the sea as well.

The Inland Baining local Level Government, under the Gazelle District Administrator, John Wartovo, carried out surveillance and conducted awareness within the main COVID-19 checkpoint at Vunapalading and Open Bay.

ENB lockdown relaxed

Roadblocks at the Kuradui junction to Vunatagia, Bitabaur and Vunamurmur wards were removed as of the weekend while random tests at Raluana, Ialakua and Barovon continue.

According to the controller, restrictions to the remaining three wards will be lifted once more tests are cleared.

However, he said police will continue to maintain roadblocks on the Kokopo-Rabaul route.

The SoE controller’s latest announcement was a huge relief for the local farmers in ENB who have been suppressed by the SoE restrictions.