East New Britain

Dr Marat Maintains Lead

Recent results for the first five after Count 10 are as follows:

  1. Dr. Allan Marat – 2783
  2. Raymond Paulias – 1618
  3. Graham Piniau Rumet – 1460
  4. Wayne Coleman Tamsak – 827
  5. Taupa Puipui - 719

Twenty (20) boxes brought in for counting covered the following areas, Balanataman- 9 boxes, Kombiu- 6 boxes, Rabaul Urban- 3 and Watom- 2 boxes.

The first box for Box 10 covered Kombiu LLG by team 125- the polling areas were covered were, Nordup, Baai, Matalau and Rakunat resettlement.

ENB Progressive Results


  1. Ereman Tobaining Jnr (PNC) – 2242
  2. Koment Malari (PFP) – 1905
  3. Emil Tammur (PANGU) – 1460
  4. Steven Magil (PAP) – 1071
  5. Ekonia Walom (NA) – 1017


  1. Benedict Tati (NA) – 3523
  2. Elias Kapavore (PNC) – 3388
  3. Paul Tiensten (INDEPENDENT) – 2621
  4. William Koiatuna (Liberal) – 336
  5. Peter Kaiopuna (New Generation) – 225


ENB Counting Update

The wards covered this morning were:

  • Raluan No.1
  • Raluan No.2
  • Tavana
  • Valaur
  • Tavui No.3 (Clifton resettlement)

There have been changes in counting with quality checks being conducted again from Count 1 to 6. The slight changes has affected the progressive total. After the checks, the numbers will be confirmed.

Meanwhile, in the other Open seats in East New Britain Province, as of 11.35am today, the progressive total are as follows:


East New Britain Regional

Michael Marum - 2300

Dr. Marat leads after count one

National Alliance Party candidate, Wayne Coleman Tamsak received 272 votes, followed by Graham Rumat with 99 votes.

Paupa Puipui received 61 votes and Raymond Paulias with 44.

These were results of count one after the third quality check was completed.

The second count is progressing with votes from Tavui 3 still in the Balanataman LLG.

Counting For Rabaul Underway

Polling was completed last Friday and all 36 ballot boxes were transported back to Rabaul on Friday and locked away.

Yesterday ballot boxes for the provincial seat were escorted to Kokopo.

Rabaul Returning Officer, Babel Umri declared counting open at 9.17 this morning, the first three ballot boxes were escorted from Rabaul Police Station to the counting venue.

He believes counting will run smoothly as witnessed during polling last week except for complaints of missing names on the electoral roll. 

Duke of York Ballot Boxes Arrive Safely

Kokopo Returning Officer, Darius Kunai said these are the last ballot boxes from the Duke of York LLG to be returned before counting commence tomorrow, 11 July.

“The boxes have been locked up at the Kokopo Police station with the rest of the other ballot boxes from the Kokopo-Vunamami LLG, Raluana LLG and Bitapaka,” he said.

Mr Kunai said polling was smooth sailing for Kokopo District and the same is expected during counting.

Eligible Voters Miss Out, What went wrong?

They could not pinpoint what went wrong that has led to eligible voters missing out on casting their votes, because their Polling ended on Friday, 8th July, in East New Britain, many eligible voters were not enrolled on the Electoral Roll.

East New Britain Provincial Election Manager Joab Voivoi said the province updated its Electoral roll four months before the issue of writs.

““We updated the 2019 LLG electoral roll and the 2017 electoral roll. Unfortunately, how people miss their names maybe it was a machine or human error.

Police Prevent Boycott At Malakuna

Voters expressed disappointment after finding out that the names of most of the eligible voters were not on the electoral roll.

Village leader, Jeffery Makupit said his people have the right to exercise their democratic right, however have been denied.

“Most of the eligible voters did not find their names on the common roll so the Electoral Commission officers rejected them from casting their votes”

Police presence on the ground including the New Guinea Islands Commander ACP, Perou N’Dranou prevented the situation from escalating.

Polling Kicks Off In Rabaul Electorate

Rabaul Returning Officer, Babel Umri said the 18 polling teams were dispatched to the polling venues in the Kombiu, Balanataman, Watom and Rabaul Urban LLGs as per the gazetted polling schedule.

He said most of the teams were dispatched with limited election materials and presiding officers were forced to spend from their own pockets while the treasury office fast tracks payments.

ENB Prepared For Polling

Provincial Returning Officer, Joab Voivoi said when the campaign period concluded on Friday July 1, respective returning officers with assistant returning officers have been busy preparing their teams for the first day of polling tomorrow.

“Hopefully every polling team should finish polling on Friday July 8 according to their polling schedules,” he said.

ENB has 135 polling teams that have been trained and ready to be dispatched to the 526 polling venues. The province has a total of 18 LLGs and 380 wards.