East New Britain

Kokopo Town Tense After Killing

East New Britain Provincial Police Commander Joseph Tabali and Kokopo Town Mayor Isidor Bonga have condemned the public killing of the innocent young man, who was a bank employee.

Police reported that relatives of the deceased from Western Highlands Province, mobilized and went into the nearby Ulagunan Village to hunt down the suspects. PPC Tabail said police intervened and stopped them.

According to police, two suspects have been arrested while a 3rd is yet to be apprehended.

Father And Sons Arrested For Murder

East New Britain Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Joseph Tabali said the deceased was attacked by his wife’s father and brothers because he had apparently been physically violent with his wife.

GPC Urged To Represent The People

Magistrate Leonard Mesmin of Magisterial Services of PNG, highlighted this on Thursday February 24 to sworn in members that they are very powerful people.

“Because the power of people to make decisions is (with) you, you have to be careful on how to conduct yourself so that you do a proper representation of their power which is inside the Constitution,” he said.

Magistrate Mesmin explained that in all they do as GPC, they must consider the interest of the people first.

ENBSA Book Drive

The project started in 2019 under the leadership of former UPNG ENBSA President Ryan Tade and his executives and has been an annual project ever since.

The general response from teachers was that the Book Donation was a really good initiative because it helps boosts teaching and learning in their schools.

The 2021 President of ENBSA Ezra Kereku said most of the time we tend to look for “big answers” to problems everywhere and overlook the basic solutions.

LLG Embraces Chili Project

Following the COVID-19 mass awareness that was carried out in May 2020 in the Livuan Reimber LLG, the chilli project was identified and established based on farmers’ interest and discretion by ward members.

Rural Development Officer, Theresa Kikil said some of the farmers owned big land mass to cater for both long and short terms crops, while for those that owned limited land mass, chilli was introduced to them to utilize their backyards.

Gazelle Supplies Day-Old Chicks

Member for Gazelle, Jelta Wong witnessed the presentation of the first batch of DOCs to farmers in the district this week.

He said the commercial chicken hatchery known as Gazelle Kakaruk is a subsidiary of the Gazelle Business Corporation Ltd established as an agricultural growth initiative for the expansion of available protein and SME opportunities to the people of Gazelle and ENB.

He said the aim of the project is to establish a Day-Old Chick operation to alleviate the supply pressures due to shortages and inconsistent supply of DOCs over previous years.

ENB Containment Period Lifted

Local Level Governments and wards in the province are now empowered and equipped to enforce COVID-19 “New Normal” compliance and containment programs in their locality in the next coming months. This was achieved through a two-week information, education and communication empowerment drive throughout the province.

ENB Observes Containment Strategy

Provincial Administrator and COVID-19 Provincial Committee Chairman, Wilson Matava released several circulars this week outlining key areas of the containment plan for businesses, wards, LLGs and schools.

Schools were also reduced to three days a week, all main markets closed and business hours to start from 7am to 4pm. Curfews kick in 6pm to 5am for the next 14 days starting today, Friday October 29 and runs until Sunday November 14.

Cocoa Board Marks Pinktober

Today, Thursday October 28, female staff wore the pink ribbon badge to show their support and attended a one-day awareness focused on women’s health and well-being.

Sr Christine Atu from the PNG Family Health Association was invited to conduct awareness on breast cancer and took the opportunity to make awareness on COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination.

Gazelle Choirs to be recorded

Member for Gazelle and Minister for Health & HIV, Jelta Wong presented the artist a cheque of K50, 000 recently to carry out this exercise.