ENBSA Book Drive

Communities in East New Britain have shown gratitude towards the UPNG East New Britain Students Association’s (ENBSA) Book Drive Projects.

The project started in 2019 under the leadership of former UPNG ENBSA President Ryan Tade and his executives and has been an annual project ever since.

The general response from teachers was that the Book Donation was a really good initiative because it helps boosts teaching and learning in their schools.

The 2021 President of ENBSA Ezra Kereku said most of the time we tend to look for “big answers” to problems everywhere and overlook the basic solutions.

“We can agree that the drop in education standards in our province is due to lack of reading and comprehension. We as students from the university also faced that along the way. And we have realised that the most basic thing to do is to start from the bottom; to encourage students to read a lot. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power,” said Kereku.

He said after the 2019 and 2020 book donations, they received positive feedback from teachers who said that their students have improved in their reading habits due to the quality of books.

“The books are supplied all the way from Australia by the South Pacific School Aid (SPSA). The association takes care of freight from Port Moresby to Rabaul with money generated from fundraising activities throughout each academic year,” said Kereku.

The students of the UPNG ENBSA sacrifice some hours of their study time to raise funds for their holiday project.

Joachim Lolok, UPNG Journalism Student