Gazelle Choirs to be recorded

Popular music artist Anslom Nakikus has been engaged to collectively record and market Gazelle Choirs.

Member for Gazelle and Minister for Health & HIV, Jelta Wong presented the artist a cheque of K50, 000 recently to carry out this exercise.

Minister Wong said that the need to properly record and document Choral music in East New Britain is important. Gazelle District is known to have the best choir groups, making it a potential local product that Gazelle can market locally and internationally. 
Anslom was engaged to record and market Gazelle Choirs. He will work with choir groups in the five LLGs to record and collate the stories behind respective choir songs and groups. The choir programme will run for six weeks. 
The singer said such an initiative is to remind people to remember God in everything they do. “We need to change (the) mindset of our people spiritually and bring them back to God,” Anslom said.
Anslom will be working with a company in Brisbane to record the album, which he admits will be a rather challenging task. 

Loop Author