GPC Urged To Represent The People

Members of the Gazelle Procurement Committee (GPC) in the East New Britain province are reminded to do a proper representation of the people's power as per the National Constitution.

Magistrate Leonard Mesmin of Magisterial Services of PNG, highlighted this on Thursday February 24 to sworn in members that they are very powerful people.

“Because the power of people to make decisions is (with) you, you have to be careful on how to conduct yourself so that you do a proper representation of their power which is inside the Constitution,” he said.

Magistrate Mesmin explained that in all they do as GPC, they must consider the interest of the people first.

“You are a public figure now. Basically you cannot divorce your public life from the private life.”

He said at present, the government is addressing a lot of issues that happen down at the community level where people are, so members of the GPC must properly make that representation.

“One of the biggest areas where you can show is that representation is always on time and punctual as it draws confidence from people. When you say you will be there, be there, when you say will do it, do it. Little things like this will go a long way to make people trust you,” Magistrate Mesmin said.

Meantime, Gazelle District Administrator Hubert Wangun said as GPC chairman, he is confident in the committee. It has begun to and is impartial in playing its due diligence role without fear or favour to facilitate and fast track project rollouts and implementation in the district.

The three members who were sworn in are Victor Ningiga as community representative, Gordon Wafi as engineers’ representative and Elizabeth Vuvu as secretary.

They join the current members of GPC namely Mr. Wangun, Elizabeth Malori as women’s representative and Graham Kaiwan- district finance manager.

Carol Kidu