ENB Containment Period Lifted

East New Britain Province returns to normalcy after an extended containment period ended today, Tuesday 30th November.

Local Level Governments and wards in the province are now empowered and equipped to enforce COVID-19 “New Normal” compliance and containment programs in their locality in the next coming months. This was achieved through a two-week information, education and communication empowerment drive throughout the province.

This has contributed to a decision reached today for the lifting of the 14-Day Extended Containment period, which was extended from Monday 15th November to Tuesday 30th November, 2021. The initial Containment Period was from 29th October to 14th November, 2021. Due to lack of compliance to containment measures, a decision was reached for an extension, which expired today.

According to the ENB Provincial Controller and COVID-19 Advisory Committee Chairman, Wilson Matava, ENB’s active cases dropped from 280 to 135 in the last 14 days, although deaths have increased to 43, with 37 males and six females all unvaccinated.

Mr Matava revealed that ENB has contained the spread of COVID-19 in the province to manageable levels as per the provinces clinical capacity. “Our daily transmission rate has reduced significantly,” he said.

Mr Matava added, “While we are still listed by the National Control Centre as a high-risk province, we have empowered our LLGs and wards to enforce compliance and containment programs at the village level for the next three months.”

He has confirmed that the partial lock down will be lifted and all business activities in the province will be back to normal as of Wednesday 1st December, 2021.

Mr Matava commended the Provincial Health Authority, Provincial Control Centre, ENB Provincial Administration Advisors, District Development Authority Boards, District Administrators, LLG Presidents and Managers, Ward Members, Ward Development Committees, all Officers, business community and all stakeholders engaged during the containment period for their professional commitment to their ‘duty of care’ toward public health safety. 

“You all have contributed to our provincial success story in bringing down to manageable level the community spread of COVID-19, importantly in empowering our LLGs and WDC front liners with information, education, and communication skills/materials.

In ensuring the right and correct information, skills, knowledge and ownership of COVID-19 awareness, compliance to New Normal protocols at the village level, the exercise continues in the next three months from December through to February 2022.

Mr Matava has thanked everyone for their tremendous efforts and called for continued vigilance as the new COVID-19 Variant Omicron has been detected in neighbouring countries.

Loop Author