Kokopo Town Tense After Killing

The beautiful and peaceful town of Kokopo in East New Britain Province is tense following the killing of a bank worker, over the weekend.

East New Britain Provincial Police Commander Joseph Tabali and Kokopo Town Mayor Isidor Bonga have condemned the public killing of the innocent young man, who was a bank employee.

Police reported that relatives of the deceased from Western Highlands Province, mobilized and went into the nearby Ulagunan Village to hunt down the suspects. PPC Tabail said police intervened and stopped them.

According to police, two suspects have been arrested while a 3rd is yet to be apprehended.

According to eye witnesses, armed opportunists entered the Kokopo Business College premises early this morning and started attacking innocent students. They tried breaking into the female dorm as well. The eye witnesses said they could hear female students crying out in fear for their lives. Police also intervened to prevent further trouble.

Kokopo Town remains tense. All schools have been suspended and the main market is closed. Business houses closed shop this morning for fear of looting by opportunists, while public transport is scarce.

Meanwhile the Provincial Law and Order Committee convened an emergency meeting to discuss the current law and order situation and decide on resolutions.

Police continue to monitor and contain the situation.

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